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Friday, September 11, 2015

NYC Cop Attacks Innocent Tennis Pro; While Miami Dade Cop Cries About "We care"

The now viral Mid-Dade cop who delivered a video that appeals to millions who truly seek to find rationale and avoidance of the fact our nation is full of cops who are so-called "bad apples."

The video that follows has a sub title of "Because I care." That is wonderful and I will wager in 20 years as a Miami co this woman has seen and know of her share of what follows in the second video on this page.


Where is the Miami-Dade lady cop who posted the tear jerking video about "bad apples?" I think the trees are bad not just the apples. Tears aside...there are far too many bad apples and "they (unlike her) do not care."

What about the New York City cop the Police commissioner defended as "without bias and malice?" As was the case with Eric Garner's murderer, the cowboy cop has a record of abuse against people of color.

What if the cowboy cop had summarily fired his weapon or tasered Blake rather than perform his mixed martial arts routine?

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