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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Planned Parenthood Under Fire In US House Hearings; "Please Proceed Mr. Chairman"

Today's House Oversight Committee Planned Parenthood meeting offered significant opportunity for conservative politicians to showboat for their constituents and to serve hardcore uber wealthy supporters. The cameras rolled, congressional aides had prepared fantastic speeches and exhibits for their bosses, and all was well...the grass looked very green.  

As is often the case with today's GOP, they adopt weak positions based on faulty information and lace it all with an inclination to "lie" and bash all things progressive. The witches brew that results from their concocted reality is terrible policy, failed practice of (the failed) policy, embarrassment among rational Americans.

The hearing provided yet another example of legislative waste gone crazy, and embarrassment for the Committee Chair ,Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) learned nothing from the failed wastes of Darrell Issa's years as head of the House Oversight Committee?
One of his first acts as Committee Chair, was to divest the meeting room of a portrait of the former chair, Issa.

One of the Utah Republican’s first acts since taking over the Oversight panel gavel: removing portraits of Issa and other past chairmen from the walls of the Oversight Committee hearing room, committee sources told The Hill.
The rational person would have studied Issa's foibles and failures in preparation for heading the Oversight Committee and managed her/is leadership in a far different manner. Ultimately,Chafftez is a Republican and suffers from that common GOP trait: shallowness with a enchant for theater. 

His shallowness and that of his staff led to a moment of incompetence validation rarely seen in congressional hearings.  In fact, I cannot recall a similar case of Mitt Romney-like  "keystone copism" from any Democrat member of a congressional hearing. I am certain no Democrat Committee Chair has ever failed so miserably while making a point.  

I offer an introductory screen shot of my case in point. 

A quick hint about what follows. If you have any wherewithal with chart and graphs the problem with this obviously dishonest illustration jumps right out at you. What is missing from the chart (alleged visual representation of data)?
Embedded image permalink
Correct, no "Y" Axis.  

Image result for x and y axis graph The missing "Y" Axis was intentional and indicative of how the Right manipulates the minds of those who for whatever reason do no how to properly read a chart. The construct of the chart was very much intentional in failure to accurately depicts the relationship of sets of data.

Also, It appeared Chaffetz lied about extracting the data for the Planned Parenthood sources.  

Take a moment to watch a 1:38 minute segment regrading Chaffetz's "gotcha " chart and how it was presented at the hearing.

(image via Screen Grab)

Kudos to the eagle eyed attorney who spotted the chart's source. In two seconds he outperformed the full scope of Chafftetz's staff while providing a "Please proceed, Governor" moment for the Planned Parenthood CEO. Chaffetz should have felt like the guy who flailing a sword around like Zorro and inadvertently slashes of three toes and a knee cap. I won't comment about others who saw the chart and left the depiction with what they felt was an accurate representation of relational data. 

Another take on the republican congressional SNAFU from The Last Word's Lawrence O'Donnell. The segment is eleven minutes long, but if you value accurate information the time will be well spent. 
Here are some of the must-see moments from the testimony by Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards on Capitol Hill today.Learn more:

The Daily Kos published a piece in which the chart was agian relegated to ridiculous via dissecting and proper representation of available data.
If you want to see the most demonstrative example of GOP showboating  and utter disrespect for the testimony the Planned Parenthood CEO, watch this brief video.

After a couple of Republican attacks on Richard's compensation level, Democrat Representative Carolyn Maloney (NY) address the gender focused discrimination.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.)

The Hill offers details about the shameful questions of the CEO's pay. 

Sidebar: Additional resource information  on the fake and highly edited video from which Carly Fiorina garnered major applause.



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