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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Politics That Work": Which Party Has The Win-Win Job Development History

Americans who continue to lineup to anxiously cast that vote for the GOP are a perplexing study in sanity or  electoral sado-masochism. The ultimate head scratcher is the fact many who cast those votes are people who are most deprived by the very vote they excitedly cast.

Lets take our illustrations a bit further.

The GOP can count of the southern vote election after election The party probably has little to no need to even advertise in the states depicted above in dark brown and dark gold.  Yet, people in those states cast that red" vote as a matter of social policy without any regard for job development, food assistance programs, nor the impact of GOP policy on all who live as middle class to lower income Americans.

If you are a high information voter, the following article form "Politics That Work", will not offer information that will induce an epiphany.  If you are a person who only gets news from cable television (including MSNBC), you are the victim of a corporate mind-shaping tunnel with the GOP gleefully awaiting your vote at the end of the tunnel. 

For the low information voter, the following should be of interest. for the high information voter, the following is reinforcement of our commitment to cat the anti-GOP vote (and it is readily shareable).

politics that work

Which Political Party Has Created More Jobs?

Two political and economic analysts say that a review of 75 years of economic data reveals that the Democrats have created twice as many jobs as the Republicans

Elections often come down to the voters deciding which party is best for their pocketbooks. How is a voter to decide? 

1) 58 Million Jobs for the Democrats, 26 Million Jobs for the Republicans

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data analyzed by California economist Steven Stoft, in the 75 years from Fiscal Year 1940 to Fiscal Year 2014, Democratic Administrations have generated 58 Million private sector jobs. Republican Administrations during that time have generated 26 Million private sector jobs.

Millions of Private-Sector Jobs Created per Year

2) 3% Yearly Job Growth Under Democrats, 1% Under Republicans.

Because the U.S. population has grown so much during the last 75 years, it is perhaps clearer to look at job growth as a percentage of population. So, as a percentage of population, since fiscal year 1940, jobs have increased 3% per year under Democrats and 1% a year under Republicans.

Percent Increase in Private Sector Jobs per Year

3) Job Growth Accelerates Under Democrats and Slows Under Republicans.

Every time a Democratic President has taken over from a Republican President both the percentage of job creation and the actual number of jobs has increased. 

Conversely, every Republican cycle following a Democratic Presidency has led to a decrease in job creation.

The data behind the charts above can be reviewed at 

You can also see how the parties compare in terms of the unemployment rate here.

4) Gross Domestic Product also grows far faster under Democrats.

Politics That Work shows that GDP Growth is highest when Democrats control the White House and both House of Congress... 5.2% annual GDP growth on average. When the White House and Congress are controlled by different parties, GDP growth averages 2.3%. When Republicans control both the White House and Congress, GDP growth averages only 1.2%.

GDP Growth by Party of Federal Government

You can learn more about how the economic records of the parties compare here: Which Party is Better for the Economy?

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