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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Politifact Fact Checks of GOP Candidates Before The 9/16/2015 Debate

Tampa Bay Politifact has run a set of fact check reviews of statements from the field of GOP September 2015 Debate candidates.The fact checks are over the period of theri announced intent to run for the GOP nomination,and the reviews are revealing, but not surprising. Well, in one case the review is surprising. While, I have major issues with Ben Carson as a presidential candidate, the Fact Check shows the extent to which he confirms my commitment to his "nuttiness." 

We are gong to post a representative showing of the analyses and link to the Politifact page in accordance with Tamp Bay Times policy.  

The Times has indicted via the link, it will perform analyses on tonight debate and yes, we will post-up the analyses.

Politifact linked
Ben Carson as a number two in polling is a mockery of the electoral process.

We are over anxious to see how the 2nd debate fact-checking comes-in.

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