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Friday, September 4, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Rand Paul

Native Americans

Rand Paul Thinks 'Lack Of Assimilation' Is Native Americans' Problem

"If they were assimilated, within a decade they'd probably be doing as well as the rest of us."

GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul took to the airwaves Thursday to broadcast his theory that Native Americans "don't do very well because of their lack of assimilation." 
The Kentucky senator's comment followed an exchange with conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham about what she called "separatist" immigrant communities. Ingraham was incredulous that "the MSNBC crowd" supported Jeb Bush's penchant for speaking Spanish at campaign events. 
Asked whether he thought speaking Spanish was appropriate, Paul veered off to talk about the only people who never immigrated to this country: Native Americans.
"I think assimilation is an amazing thing," Paul said. "A good example of how, even in our country, assimilation didn't happen -- and it has been a disaster for the people -- has been the Native American population on the reservations. If they were assimilated, within a decade they'd probably be doing as well as the rest of us. But instead, seclusion and isolating them -- we took their land, and then we put them all on small quadrants of land."
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Paul's similar nonsense with African-American history ad Civil Rights history

We would be remiss if we did not point out this is the same US Senator who adorned a Chameleon suit and journeyed to one of the nation's storied black colleges while carrying a bag of pure conservative bull.

Paul during the course of his talk illustrated to scope of diversity and cultural non-knowledge and inept indifference  inherent in most on the far right.  Think Progress highlighted 5 areas of his address that were nothing more then whitesplaining...and if failed miserably.  
Think Progress lists five ares with delineating detail. We have captured the five ares below and strongly encouraged a visit to Think Progress for their perspective and a good explanation of Paul's condescending efforts to whitesplain.

1. The Civil Rights movement is actually the “history of the Republican Party”.2. Assumed the audience didn’t know the history of the NAACP.
3. Suggested that African-Americans were “demeaning” the history of sergregation by calling voter ID laws discrimination.
4. Mangled the name of the first popularly-elected black Senator.
5. Misled about his opposition to the Civil Rights Act.
Heroin Epidemic

Heroin abuse is at an all-time high. Another significant aspect of today's abuser is the reality of it searching young white kids in suburbia and rural areas. NOW THAT IS ANY CONSIDERATION UNACCEPTABLE! Rand Paul was asked about the epidemic level of abuse. His answer was typical of the Paul family zany, nutty, without any degree of veracity and frankly silly. 

Before we move to Rand Paul's response, allow a few minutes of his father 2012 espousing legalizing all drugs (specifically Heroin) with utter nutty rationale.


And, when cornered by Chris Matthews, MSNBC Hardball, a week later Paul became a libertarian mush mouth. His response to direct questioning was akin to the interview his son stumbled through with Rachel Maddox regarding Civil rights legislation.   

You may also have noticed Paul clearly stated "freedom of choice." What about the freedom of choice for the woman who is a victim of incest, rape or the female who makes her ow judgment about her choice to abort her pregnancy.

Would Ron Paul have espoused legalizing crack cocaine? Ordinarily a rhetorical question, but with a Paul the question has merit.

Sad really!  But take a few minutes to see and read "sadder"

While in New Hampshire this week, Paul worked to prop-op his campaign for drug treatment.  He failed and sunk like anvil in the Ohio River.  
“People always come up to me and say, ‘We got heroin problems and all these other problems,’” the Kentucky senator said. “You know what? If you work all day long, you don’t have time to do heroin.”
Rather than expending additional keyboarding time on "Paul ignorance and Twilight zone intellect," I will link to The Daily Beast and a local New Hampshire news station KWCH.
Ron Paul has vacated his congressional seat from the state of Texas. So you think the voters in Kentucky will eventually rid the nation of their Kentucky embarrassment?


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