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Friday, September 4, 2015

Todd Kincannon, Conservative Twitter, Impresario Gone Mad?

If you ever experienced the displeasure of reading Tweets from Todd Kincannon, what follows will offer no surprise. Before the latest on Kincannon's plunge into insanity take note of his attacks on Texas 2014 gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.


A real conservative firebrand, eh?

Well, as is frequent the case, conservative mouthpieces have lots of baggage in their closets. In fact, the more verbose the more closets they maintain. Kincannon is the archetypal conservative talking head replete with ugly tweets and only the heavens know what his Facebook Page includes.

Kincannon earlier in 2015 revealed the real person, shrouded in the domestic dispute.  The dispute seems to have metastasized into evidence of a serious mental disorder.

If You Only News


Todd Kincannon’s fall has been glorious and complete.

Todd Kincannon was committed to a Columbia mental health facility earlier this week after suffering some sort of a meltdown. The South Carolina Supreme Court also suspended Kincannon’s law license and moved all his cases over to the law offices of Peyre Thomas Lumpkin, Esquire.

Here are the two graphic pictures Kincannon posted, which prompted action by the court:

Pictures Kincannon sent in emails viaLittle Green Footballs
You may or may not be familiar with Kincannon, but he’s been threatening suicide for a while.
He hasn’t worked for the GOP for a few years, but he used to be the Executive Director of the South Carolina Republican Party. He’s also a lawyer in South Carolina as well as a “political activist,” though much of his activism was on Twitter where he made a name for himself as one of the most vile, insensitive, bigoted racist a**hats the internet had ever met. He earned himself a lifetime ban from Twitter after his tweets enraged the general public.

Then the outspoken Conservative troll went relatively quiet, only to re-emerge trying to crowdfund his first book Useless Idiots: The Proper Care and Feeding of Liberals, in 2014. A few donations came in, but the book doesn’t appear to have ever been published.
Then crickets. Kincannon went quiet until March of 2015, when the Conservative known for vilifying others for their lack of Christian morality, family values or liberal views was suddenly arrested for domestic violence and possible kidnapping charges against his wife.
Apparently, he had been terrorizing his wife, Ashley, for months because she was considering filing for divorce. He had threatened to kill himself, which was revealed in a secret recording made by Ashley. The tension between the two erupted after a political event they had attended together when Todd and Ashley were driving home, and Todd started speeding and driving erratically, telling his wife he would kill her if she ever tried to leave him. His wife tried to get the attention of passing motorists to call 9-1-1 for her.
Kincannon was caught and arrested at the bigot watering hole, Chick-fil-A. His wife has filed for divorce.
I’m not a doctor, but this guy may benefit from some Liberalism; Conservatism hasn’t really worked out too well for him.
Now, I’m not going to say liberals are perfect; of course we’re just as flawed, but all these outspoken Conservative trolls are dropping under their own weight. Josh Duggar, a loud activist for family values and traditional marriage, just crumbled under his own weight after it was revealed the uber-Christian was cheating on his wife and mother of his four children. Kincannon is holding a gun to his head because he can’t live up to his own standards? Something smells rotten in the right-wing, and it isn’t just Trump’s platform.

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