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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Trump Hosts Town Hall And Draws The "American Ugly" (Anti-Birther VIDEO)

While the GOP suffers under the existential reality of its meandering Frankenstein Monster (AKA Donald Trump), conservative America must come to the reality its lives with a metastasized cancer born of its 1970s/1980s "southern strategy."

The strategy has led to an evolution that finds large swaths of conservative social deviates who embrace white nationalism, anti-Muslim ideology, and the party of the American racist. Once Richard Nixon's Kevin Phillips and (to a much more effective degree) Ronald Reagan's Lee Atwater unleashed the dogs of "It is OK to exercise prejudice and bias".  Post Jim Crow America needed little prodding to reach back for the comfort life for white for most white Americans while relating all others to second class citizenship. 

Sadly, while effective in ensuring votes with each General Election, the strategy has fed the current circus GOP campaign for the 2016 Presidential nomination. And, one GOP candidate is unabashed in his appeal as a Shepard for the "carnival Tent of Racism and Bigotry."  Donald Trump's over-the-top chase the birth certificate circus act since late 2008, now manifests in social kooks occupying seats at Trump events who make fools of themselves while the candidate feeds the drama. 

Despite the fact rational Americans have never questioned the president's birthright, the GOP's leading candidate has again touched into America's ugly side of racism, bigotry and xenophobia.

Politifact has once again fact-check the recent Trump town hall exhibition and reported the facts. 


Town hall audience memberPants on Fire!"You know our current president is (Muslim). You know he's not even an American."  — Town hall audience member on Thursday, September 17th, 2015 in a town hall held by Donald Trump in Rochester, N.H

Obama is Muslim, audience member says to Donald Trump -- in 2015

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