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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Trump University: As Fake As Any Scam

....And many of you are falling for the same techniques and mystical wish for Trump as a super hero.

For the nation's HIVs (High Information Voters) Trump's much ballyhoo'd University has long been deemed a fraud. CNN has again exposed the carnival barker's multi-million dollar rip-off. Without names of people who admitted their gullible fall to the Trump's P.T. Barnumism, the CNN segment sufficiently explores Trump's fraud. 

The extent of Trumps fraudulent university has been explored by many media. My preferred pieces are posted on Mother Jones and Salon.

In August 2013, Money (Chris Cuomo) posted a news segment in which Trump, via the phone, responded to the New York State Attorney General's investigation into his fraudulent university. The phone call followed along the same lines as Trump's frequent accusations and characterizations of today's campaign lingo. The word "lightweight" resounds and rings as familiar jargon against anyone with whom he has issues.

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