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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

White Houses Reacts To Cheney's Demagoguery

Over the weekend Chris Wallace sat with Dick Cheney and his complete;y un-credible daughter Lynne, for a bit of anti-Obama, anti-administration, anti Iran Nuclear deal propaganda. 

Problem, Wallace went outside of script and left Cheney with a tsunami butt-pucker.
That look of "No, you didn't go there, Fox News."
And, the accompanying butt-pucker.
After years of ignore the inane meandering drivel of Cheney (and daughter) with each notable international situation, the Obama Administration's communication team released a point-on Cheney video. 

Actually US cable media deserves a good shot of the same from the White House.

Dick Cheney Belongs in Prison, NOT on TV.Dick Cheney belongs in PRISON, NOT on TV.  Share if you agree!LIKE our page Brave New Films#WrongThenWrongNow
Posted by Brave New Films on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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