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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Women Issues Are KiIlling the GOP


Trump as Opportunist Liar

After making shameful remarks about Republican candidate Carly Fiorina's looks, Trump, as usual came back with an insulting lie. Insulting that he would actually feel the collective intellect of the nation is similar to those who support his every move and utterance his celebrity worshiping sycophants.

A response when questioned about the personal attack on Fiorina:
“The writer actually called me and said, ‘I’m so upset, I wrote this great story and Jann Wenner screwed it up,'" the mogul stated.
The problem with such a deep lie, the perpetrator fails to properly assess the reality of a cable news host asking the writer if the statement is true (See Anderson Cooper 360 below)

Let's first visit with a quick video of Anderson Cooper with CNN's Brian Steltar.

CNN Brian Steltar with Anderson Cooper; 1:25 minutes on the Trump's horrific (latest) attack on a woman. 


CNN's Chris Cuomo attempts to speak rationally with an irritations Trump (who was covering a lie).

The real sadness associated with Trump is the extent to which Americans are buying into the bull. I have recently read comments from people who I know are progressive both socially and politically, who ahve comment about an affinity (albeit it momentarily fleeting) form Trump's bull-crap rhetoric.

Trump is only the tip of the Iceberg.....We offer a quick visit with another GOP candidate who seems to be wearing a cloak of the charlatan.

Huckabee as charlatan opportunist

There is something seriously wrong in the GOP and Reince Priebus's mission seems to have failed. These are not "fine candidates" as he recently stated on national TV.

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