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Friday, October 9, 2015

Ben Carson's Cloning Of Trump Carries Baggage Labelled "Insanity"

I have long stated Ben Carson has a mental illness. My comments are often met with responses that focus on his former profession as a pediatric neurosurgeon. The counterpoints never include specifics as to why Carson's thinking processes seem so far fetched and seemingly without regard any level of sensitivity. Actually, his comments often seem to fall in the realm of the irrational.


As insane as it comes when it was uttered by the narcissistic and opportunist republican. As the GOP presidential clown show moves forward, Carsons rhetoric has grown exponentially more disgusting in its insensitivity and obvious lack of forethought. Forethought? I stand corrected; Carson's mental capacities are being called upon to entertain a whacked out constituency who have devolved into non-thinking and non-caring sycophants with levels of gullibility well beyond reason. He is actually drawing from his twisted inner core values and beliefs to craft messages he knows are only assimilatable with people who can deliver the 2016 GOP nomination.

After commenting most inappropriately about how the Oregon shooting victims may not have handled their executions and maiming without resistance, Carson sat with CNN's Wolf Blitzer with more unsubstantiated bull. Has Carson adopted Trumps often deployed tactic of claims no one can substantiate?  The question was rhetorical, you and I both know the answer. 

Carson told Blitzer he could tell the alleged robber had no intent to  indiscriminately kill. Since we can assume Carson isn't a clairvoyant, we can also assume he had no way of knowing such...if the robbery story wasn't a lie. Also, the zany candidate differentiated himself from his white supports via masking his potential lie with "living in the streets." Argument done; Carson has claimed the black streets of inner city Detroit; the ultimate differentiator and argument ending technique. 

His comment regarding Oregon and the means streets of Detroit and his crafty story, Carson drove his foot further into this mouth via the Holocaust.

Ben carson discusses comments gun  control holocaust

No he didn't!  Can this clown get any more clueless?!!
Posted by Eric Smith on Thursday, October 8, 2015
From the Oregon murders, through the streets of Detroit and a phantom robber, to the WWII Holocaust, Carson's twisted thought processes spew insane rhetoric like a never river of Trumpism. Yet, over the past few days he has commented on another topic that offer an additional opportunity to question his state of mind.  

Carson has also taken to attacking the state of single parenthood. He frequently rails about single parenthood, despite the fact he was ratsed by a mother who benefited from welfare programs (food stamp and probably other payments) and despite the fact we have a president who was (for many years) raised by a single mother. It should be noted Bill Clinton was another president raised by a single parent. His most recent foray into narcissistic social engineering linked here

Political gaming, lying, Trumpism, et al. Carson has something going on in his head that is outside the scope of normal.  

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