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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Conservative Media Channels Benghazi Committee Lies To Conservative Gen X and Boby Boomer Viewers

Earlier today GOP Benghazi Committee Chair (and GOP congressional anti-Hillary) operative, Trey Gowdy, joined the crew of Morning Joe for a bit of "foot-in-mouth" clean-up. "Foot-in-Mouth?" Yes, Kevin McCarthy's frank and uncensored remarks about GOP strategy against Democrat Party presidential Hillary Clinton.

As you can image Scarborough and Gowdy's mission was another version of facilitation commonly deployed via Fox News.  In fact, McCarthy has also appeared on Fox News with a similar story. Let's visit a moment with Scarborough and Gowdy's "Mr. Clean" attempt to GOP-plain his party's strategy.


“You and I both like Kevin very much, he’s a great guy,” host Joe Scarborough said. “I can’t imagine how angry I would be if I were in your position, working nonstop to bring credibility to what I consider to be a very important investigation, and then a guy who I consider a friend and ally undercut you this way.”

“Well, he is a friend, but my first reaction is, ‘Kevin, you’re wrong,’” Gowdy said. “When Speaker [John Boehner] called me, he never mentioned Secretary Clinton’s name. In fact, we’ve had three public hearings, Joe. I never mentioned her name.”
Wait a minute, is right-wing dogma so critical MSNBC facilitates Gowdy's comments? Of course, Boehner would never mention Hillary's name. Gowdy is a former prosecutor and a learned attorney, surely he knows educated readers can see through the early morning "plaining."  Moreover, if Boehner had mentioned Clinton, are we to believe Gowdy would speak honestly on camera.  

Therein lies the problem with what six media conglomerates serve up as news. During the initial comment with Hannity, McCarthy mentioned "trust." How much gall does it take to stand on camera with Fox News's number three demagogue and spew comments that clearly denotes mistrust of the GOP. How much trust should we place in Scarborough's mission in helping to "GOP-plains" McCarthy's words? 

Scarborough's mission message when coupled with a constant drum of similar McCarthy GOP-plaining reaches their intended audience: Gen X (ers) and Baby Boomers. Millennials exist with news viewing habits opposite that of the Boomer. Pew Research published a piece in June 2015, that delineated the media viewing habits of Millennials from the habits of Gen X (ers) and Baby Boomers.

Generational definitions (March 2014)
The Generations Defined

JUNE 1, 2015

How Millennials’ political news habits differ from those of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers

Here are five key takeaways from the report:
1. Millennials rely on Facebook for their news far more than any other source. About six-in-ten online Millennials (61%) report getting political news on Facebook in a given week. Baby Boomers’ political media habits, on the other hand, are strongly rooted in local TV: A majority of them (60%) say they turn there for political news. Millennials’ relatively low reliance on local TV (37% watch political news there in a given week) almost mirrors Baby Boomers’ low reliance on Facebook (39%). Gen Xers bridge the gap, with about equal portions of online adults in this generation getting political news from Facebook (51%) and local TV (46%).
Pews four additional points are linked below, but let's take a look at graphics from the June piece. It is a critical read if you value the significance of how a population (millennials) that votes less in years past isn't a target of our increasingly conservative news networks.  

News Sources, Millennials, Baby Boomers  Trust and Distrust of News Sources

Millennials, Awareness of News Sources 

Pew linked here

Conglomerate preferences for a conservative news slant drives short-term revenue gains while, ignoring growing changes in the significance of the Millennial vote.

The Gen X and Boomer vote is as reliable as the 24-hour clock.  Fox News delivers minds in the millions to Ruppert Murdoch's socially regressive empire via energizing people who literally view supposed news as a matter of learned behavior and preference.  Millennials do not appear to share new viewing habits with Gen X (ers) through the Silent Generation.

N Niche illustrates our point. While Millenials are more apt to participate in the coming general election, they tend to grab what news they absorb via social media. 

Scarborough and other media broadcast of Gowdy's efforts to "plain" Mcarthy's words are delivered with an expectation of "trust" in the minds of network or show viewers.  An easy preach for a congregation of viewer sycophants. It doesn't take much effort to find "trust" regarding McCarthy, Gowdy and the GOP et al is a convenient facade among those inclined to believe.  Gowdy's record while chairing the Benghazi Committee is laden with mistrust and subterfuge. The Daily Kos has published a Fact Sheet authored by Democrats on the Benghazi Committee. The Fact sheet is a bit of a read, but as we consistently state, information wards-off the dangers of Republicanism.

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