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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kevin McCarthy: Your Typical GOP

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During a week when House Speaker John Boehner  announced his resign from the US Congress, a leading prospect to replace Boehner is dragging GOPism through the lens of high scrutiny accompanied by apropos ridicule.   

Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Leader, aspires to the third in line for ascendancy to the Us Presidency: The speaker of the House. Even before his open admission of GOP strategy in establishing a Special Committee for investigating of the 2012 tragic deaths in Libya (Benghazi) to combat a Hillary Clinton  presidential run, Rachel Maddow exposed McCarthy as what at times seems comparable to a functional illiterate. 

One minute of the man who would replace Boehner:

Within hours Maddow and her team's clairvoyance was affirmed via McCarthy's visit with Fox News's number one soft interviewer and ideology facilitator, Sean Hannity.

McCarthy advertised himself to the Fox News audience as a conservative speaker who has successfully lowered the political ratings of Hillary Clinton. Inherent in his candidacy for the Speaker position is typical conservative ideology and dogma accompanied by serious lapses in rational thought. McCarthy offers more. The House Majority Leader offers chronic inability to enact mental processes that are necessary for cogent communication and speaking the English Language. Therefore, McCarthy fails to possess a critical and requisite skills necessary for national security and he seems to fail to possess cognitive skills to provide top level leadership to the Executive Branch of the federal Government

If you are thinking we are being harsh on the higher level party leaders watch and listed as he again runs to Fox News for "help, after his frank comments about the Benghazi Committee. 

McCarthy has issues that cannot be overcome to the point of effective leadership beyond his office desk.  He can sit as Majority Leader and hide deficiencies with full assistance for his staff and others in Congress, He hardly warrants sitting as the third in line to the US presidency.

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