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Friday, October 2, 2015

Mass Murder: Bush and Trump "This Stuff Happens!" (VIDEO)

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When the US conservative moves to exhibitions of "I wanna be cool" we know we are int eh midst of a campaign season. 

Jeb Bush. "Cool" is the anathema of US conservatism. It is horrifying to see people who want for nothing based on their financial wherewithal play the "Gia me five game" when most people know their hearts are as far from cool as the devil.

Watch as Donald Trump and Jeb Bush react to questions of this week's mass killing.  In essence "shit happens."

Donald Trump

"Stuff happens?"

Even if conservative politics ordains absolute indifference to such killings, how is it presidential candidates can show this extent of callousness and indifference to an issue that is an affront to humanity?

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