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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pope Francis Duped By Bigoted Catholic Archbishop

I am not Catholic.
I am not a member of a Church congregation.  
I am anti-organized religion for the very same reason I am anti-socialist; human foibles, personal greed and total hypocrisy across various Christian denominations is "church" centrist and frankly shameful.

Through the decades, I have long considered the Catholic Church a conservative institution with 70 plus million members across the United States. The church's stance against women in the priesthood, contraception, and strong support of conservative political dogma, has served as reason to place any and all Pope's as emissaries of of global conservatism. The ascension and confirmation of Pope Francis was meet with matter of fact skepticism up to his refusal to accept initial transport in the Vatican limo and his (within hours) refusal to accept the lavish quarters of previous Pope's as his official place of rest. As the man commenced his leadership of the Catholic Church  with obvious disdain for previous leadership (Of course without direct indictment), my perception of the man grew favorable. As I became aware of his behind the scenes work with President Obama in breaking our past separation isolation from Cuba, my opinion of the man fell squarely into a matter of affinity. His pubic visit to the United States solidified my personal respect as Francis touched on every note necessary for validation as a the antithesis of past Popes.  

Alas, we did not know of his private meetings. Actually, the stated meetings were to be appropriately hold private were it not for typical conservative efforts at mind-shaping. Or, should I say conservative efforts at regressive policy as it relates to false portrayal of Francis as a closet supporter of bigoted homophobia.   

Foiled Again
As stories are surfaced on MSNBC and across social media, the Holy See was duped (deceived or hook-winked), even my level of astonishment at conservative shallowness was a personal surprise. How could Kim Davis, her lawyers, her religious operatives (Huckabee et al) and large swaths of American conservatives actually believe Francis would operate outside the scope of his post-confirmation aura? How could they not know he, via his Vatican spokespeople, refute their lies with the truth?

Last Friday The Daily Kos published a piece related to the prospect the Pope "deceived."

There may come a time when America realizes it has a sick inner core of regressive entities who wish to shape the a nation in their mold? Pope Francis seems to have found reality when his organization allowed a bigot Archbishop into his US trip planning.

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