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Monday, October 5, 2015

The Ugliness Of White Privilege (UPDATED)


Atlanta man gets himself and his friends fired by mocking black child in racist Facebook selfie

An employee of Atlanta-based Polaris Marketing Group (PMG) was fired after he posted a photo of himself with a coworker’s black child that went viral. reported that on Sep. 16, blond, hazel-eyed Gerod Roth — known on Facebook as Geris Hilton — posted a photo of himself looking askance at a school-aged black boy over his shoulder. 
The racist comments came pouring in almost immediately.
Read more at The Raw Story but first take a look at the effusive white guy seeking humor and a sate of "cool" via a classic exhibition of white privilege.
Image: Gerod Roth, formerly of Polaris Marketing Group (

Also The Raw Story piece has even or disgusting and racist responses. Never ever think racism and its foundation white privilege is solely the domain of the high end Baby boomer. Response.....
Geris Hilton FB post image 1

White Privilege!
Polaris Marketing Group responds.
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