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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Trey Gowdy's "Worst Weeks" And Human Projection

Mike Victor, friend of the TPI joins us again.

Somewhere right now someone who is putting together a textbook on psychiatric defense mechanisms and has been desperately searching for a contemporary or historical example of projection is having the closest thing to an orgasm that an academic can have at work. You're welcome. 

Projection, by the way, is the unconscious impulse to assign to (project onto) others forbidden, repulsive, or taboo impulses or behaviors that you are unwilling or unable to acknowledge in yourself.

Next to American Christian fundamentalists accusing Muslim fundamentalists of religious extremism and intolerance, this meme is as pure an example as one could find of pathological, almost psychotic projection. 

Let's count the flavors of character assassination this committee has launched against Secretary Clinton - they have accused her of:
- murder- callous indifference to the deaths of Americans 
- deliberately and maliciously ordering military assets not to help Americans in distress 
- lying about the circumstances of their deaths 
- maintaining a personal email account to compromise national security and conduct off the record backroom deals to help her Muslim Kenyan 
- born boss make America weak and defenseless  
- being generally untrustworthy in some vague, sinister, unnamed way that perhaps another year or two of protracted hearings might one day make clear.

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