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Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Special Screed: Colorado Planned Parenthood (The Latest US Terroist)

A Friend of the TPI, Brenda Kay Richards, and the Screed of the weekend. The following comments are from a Facebook page.  The initial set of verbiage was the original post, followed by a response to a person who responded and the last November 29th, post is a follow-up addition. (24 hours after the initial post).

Brenda Kay Richards
November 28, 2015
It is both profoundly sickening and damn disgusting how the American media, Fox News and CNN in particular, are attempting to twist and distort Friday's tragic shooting in Colorado Springs as being about abortion and Planned Parenthood. Instead of having the guts and the consciousness to initiate a long overdue discussion about how yet another angry white male with a high powered weapon went on a rage filled killing spree, that took the lives of three individuals, including a police officer who was the father to two small children.

While the bellowing Carnival Barker aka Donald Trump and his fellow conservatives shamelessly and quite calculatingly whip-up xenophobic hysteria and hatred about Syrian refugees, Muslims and other minority groups to baying crowds of bigots and racists. No one is willing to admit that the single biggest threat to the safety, security and stability of our country are these irrationally angry, pissed off, irate white males hellbent on "taking their country back"!

The day that America cowardly and very cruelly turned a blind eye to the deaths of children killed in a school by some deranged young man, rushing to hide behind a widely misused and misinterpreted amendment in the US Constitution - that is the same exact day that our country lost its moral compass and its soul.

.........the media is bending over backwards to make this tragic shooting all about abortion. But the fact is, that in less than 30 days, Colorado Springs, a city with a population of less than 500,000 people has experienced two incidents of deadly gun violence involving some angry white male with a high powered weapon going on a shooting spree picking off people like an arcade game. 

The issue of abortion and Planned Parenthood is secondary at best to the rapidly escalating and deliberately ignored problem of well-armed white males committing deadly rampages with guns.

The media has no problem whatsoever rushing to put on camera a group of "experts" to pontificate on ad nauseam about "black on black crime", but oddly and quite strangely this very same media goes mute silent when a white male guns down a bunch of innocent people. 

No comments have been made about the murdering bastard being a thug or the product of a one-parent home. Oh no... We're already hearing that bullshitty excuse about "mental illness" in that time honored tradition of making the white suspect a figure of sympathy and perhaps compassion.

........ the Planned Parenthood office in Colorado Springs has long been a target of weekly protests by a group of Catholics and other anti-abortion foes. And it was interesting to note how remarkably quick the leader of the weekly protests was to get his behind in front of the local media, to express faux shock and hollow sympathy about the shooting and to swear that his group had nothing at all do with what took place. 

The loud mouths and showmen who love to gin up the crowds and incite acts of violence rarely want to take credit for their actions when something does happen.unsure emoticon

November 29, 2015

These are the other two victims of that hateful, angry,(cracka-ass) bastard TERRORIST who went on the killing spree Friday in Colorado Springs.

In less than 30 days in a city with less than 500,000 people, there have been two shocking and heartbreaking incidents of gun violence by deranged individuals who were able to obtain high powered weapons and kill six innocent people who were some one's daughters, mothers, sisters, sons, husbands, brothers and friends.

And as expected the cowards in both parties who are bought and paid for whores of the NRA, are either mute silent or doing the political deflection dance by blaming President Obama, abortion, Planned Parenthood and even the victims themselves.

Americans stood by quietly when teenagers and children were gunned down in schools. We stood by quietly when people were gunned down in a movie cinema. Now it is rapidly approaching the point where we can't even open the front door of our homes without some legitimate fear of some irrational HOME-GROWN TERRORIST hellbent on "taking his country back" shooting us dead!

How many more of these deadly acts of mass gun violence have to happen in America before we collectively stand up and demand sensible, comprehensive gun control?

Will it take the loss of YOUR loved one before you find the courage to speak out loudly and persistently, or do we allow the fear mongering ass clowns and carnival barkers to continue to control the narrative and the media?

*And if you have any sort of a problem with my choice of words that I've used here - fuck you and kindly make good use of the UN-friend option. Trust me I won't miss you!*

Michael Rowe's photo.

Michael Rowe's photo.

RIP Jennifer Markovsky and Ke'Arre Stewart, the other two victims of a "pro-life" terrorist's Planned Parenthood massacre in Colorado's names have been revealed. He was a veteran and a Dad. She was there to support a friend.

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