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Friday, November 27, 2015

Alleged Minnesota BlackLivesMatter Shooters In Custody

US Terrorists!

Alleged Minnesota @BloackLiveMatters shooters

-Allen Lawrence Scarsella, 23
-Joseph Martin Backman, 27
-Nathan Wayne Gustavsson, 21
-Daniel Thomas Macey, 26 (Not imaged below)

The Shooter? 

Lance Scarsella (credit: Facebook)Lance Scarsella (credit: Facebook)  Apparently, told a cop in a five-minute phone called that he was the shooter.

Nate Gustavvson (credit: Submitted)
Nate Gustavvson (credit: Submitted)
Joe Backman (credit: Backman Family)
Joe Backman (credit: Backman Family)

WCCO talks with protest shooting suspects father

Yes, of course, his son is smart and a former Boy Scout. If that isn't the epitome of "Leaver It To Beaver's America, I fail to think of a better example of 'white privilege' and a blanket suburbia psyche.  His son is as culpable as any of this cohorts, but I am certain the father will spare no expense securing a not guilty verdict on any charges against his son (should a trial result from the legal process). 

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