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Monday, November 16, 2015

Ben Carson: China In Syria; Yet Another Lie

Fifty-six (56) seconds of utter insanity.

Maybe, one day within the next few months the GOP/RNC will do something to clean the messes out of their perspective primary candidates.  It is apparent, GOP rank and file find both Trump and Carson appealing; a major problem for the GOP.

What a difference a few days make when considering the GOP and its top candidates?  Also, those days were probably filled with serious talk of cleaning up that specific lie.

Ben Carson assertion of intimate knowledge of Chinese troops in Syria, did not pass the Finnochio test. After what was certain to have been campaign handler coaching, counseling, and cautions, the obviously unbalanced Carson come forth today with a retraction.  Carson pulled a Fox News Megyn "White Santa; white Jesus" Kelly like: "It was tongue in cheek."  

Tongue in cheek. Do you think Kelly advised Carson to try that one? It worked well for her cleanup show.


Carson Backtracks on Syrian Intel Claim: ‘That Was Tongue in Cheek’

by  | 5:23 pm, November 16th, 2015
Ben Carson backtracked Monday on claims his foreign policy “sources are better” than PresidentBarack Obama‘s, telling reporters, “that was tongue in cheek.”
Carson said the suggestion that he has better sources than the president was intended as a joke, adding it “would be very alarming” if his campaign had access to superior foreign policy advisors.
At the last Republican presidential debate, Carson told the audience “the Chinese” are operating in Syria, a declaration met with criticism by some foreign policy experts. National Security Advisor Susan Rice rebutted Carson’s claim, telling reporters the U.S. has no evidence of Chinese involvement in Syria.
In an effort to back up his statement, Carson said China supplies “a lot of military equipment, and they supply radar equipment and sophisticated monitoring systems” to Syria.
In a separate interview, Carson told reporters his campaign would release “some material on” China’s operations in Syria. “I have several sources that I’ve gotten material from. I’m surprised my sources are better than [the Obama administration’s],” Carson said.
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that hearing the Republican presidential candidate say he has better sources than Obama left him “speechless.” The president also rejected the candidate’s foreign policy claim, telling ABC News that Carson is ill-informed. “He doesn’t know much about it,” Obama said.
Though Carson clarified his comments were meant as a joke, the candidate took the opportunity to criticize the Obama administration’s Syrian refugee policy. Jabbing at Obama’s poorly-timed assertion that ISIS forces are “contained,” Carson said Monday, “The only thing that seems to be contained is this foolish policy inside our government.
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