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Thursday, November 26, 2015

CNN's Hiring Of Killer Cop Rationalizers

One year ago a Chicago cop shot a 17-year-old petty criminal.  You might think about the phrase petty criminal.  Apparently, cops received a report of someone using a knife to slash tires. The knife was a three a half inch flip open knife. Hardly a weapon that could not be neutralized via a taser! After the medical examiner finished his or her work, the killing also included information the downed teen could have had PCP in his system, it is important to note the medical examiner report was filed within 24 hours of the killing. Thus, the killer cop had no knowledge of the possible chemically altered mental state of his victim.

Of course, you know by now, the teenager was shot 16 times with 15 shots administered while the kid lay on the pavement.  Reports have it, the cop/judge/jury summary killer executioner was reloading his nine-millimeter weapon when he was stopped by other cops.  

Yoy know of the killing and the video, right?

We have decided to report on the matter from another perspective.  Let's start with a question that really deserves an answer. why does CNN employ so many far right (blood-thirsty) bad cop rationalizers?

The first and most obvious example "Kill em, we have your back", is the alleged former Navy Seal so-called criminal analyst Jonathan Gilliam. The man seems to be the perfect example of what you would see if you visited a militia camp. I have grown to expect little discernible dialog when CNN host's offer the guy questions.  Yet, even I didn't expect to run upon a segment in which he posited the killing of the teen (with 16 shots, two in the back) was a justified act from a cop.  As you view the segment, try to visualize my imagery as this common CNN talking head.  He seems to the be kind of former military right-wing fanatic who could find war zone memories in bodily waste left in a toilet.

Absolutely shameful.

If that particular video segment doesn't; speak to the absolute nuttiness of the "former Navy Seal', allow another version.
“Just because you shoot a person doesn’t mean they’re going to fall,” Gilliam told the panel. “I talked to somebody last night who was in Fallujah — I know this isn’t Chicago, but was in Fallujah — who shot an insurgent 13 times as he charged him and the guy didn’t fall until he got right in front of him.”
“But Jonathan, this young man was on the ground. There were multiple shots fired in quick succession,” Costello interjected.
“The point is, even though he’s on the ground, he never dropped the knife and he continued to move,” said Gilliam. “The reason we have these policies is because officers have been killed after they shot somebody.”
He never dropped the knife. I wonder if this former Navy Seal has ever come upon a war zone dead body with a weapon frozen in hands with eyes locked open due to sudden death.  How pathetic?

We moved to another CNN demagogue who sits on camera and seems to literally concoct killer cop rationalizing as other guests are espousing opposite views.  Harry Houck is without question on CNN sets for a reason. He offers consistent and ridiculous post-killing rationalization in all cases of cops killings.

Houck's message was a one the course of the evening was a bit discombobulated. Earlier in the day the former New York (cop) detective condemned the acts of the killer cop, but once on set with his common partner in CNN ratings pairing he sung a different song. Houck responded to another CNN guest and former prosecutor, Sonny Hostin's, comments about increasing numbers of such killings he went here: the killings are not epidemic based on millions and millions of police interactions tat do not end in violence. 

The mind of the rationalizer is no difference than that of a hired 'hitman.' In fact, I strongly suspect CNN show producers guide Houck's insane remarks.

The interaction ended in the following manner.
Houck told Hostin, “You gotta let me talk here.” 
Hostin shot back, “You can’t just talk nonsense on national television.” 
Houck said, “You do!” 

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