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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Conservative Surrogate and Well Paid Mouthpiece Demurs On MIZZOU Racism

‘Nobody Got Hurt!' Kevin Jackson on MIZZOU racism.

megyn mizzou panel

Bigotry and racism are more often than not damaging to the psyche instead of the literal physical being. How can anyone relegate overt racism to "Nobody Got Hurt?"

During October 2013, noted black conservative, Kevin Jackson keyboarded a piece that fully revealed his niche in social America via this headline: "America Needs a White Republican President.If you read the piece you will find it a clear case of a facilitating racists and a clear example of a black man who has found a lucrative niche during our era of Obama.  The title of the book and the linked piece speaks volumes about Kevin Jackson.  What better to make whites comfortable with individual biases and bigotry (And racism) than an African-American who speaks their mindset? 

Jackson is fully aware of the nooks and crannies of American conservatism. He is a member of a political party that is proudly 92% white and a party that has no interest in reaching out to Black America. If you think the last sentence was harsh and without basis, check this out:

Look closely at the groups the 2012 Romney camp felt worthy of  outreach "Communities."

The omitted group delineates a conservative mindset and a core GOP value that Jackson manipulates for financial gain while literally oblivious or uncaring the extent  he paints a picture of "the fool." 

In 2010, Jackson was the centerpiece of an article developed and published by the River Front Times, a St. Louis, Missouri metro Area free press publication: Kevin Jackson wrote the book on how to win (white) friends and influence (black) people.  The piece is both revealing and point-on as a map of the psyche of the conservative opportunist. The following bulleted segments of the piece peak your interest.
Chapter 1: Find Your Message 
Chapter 2: Tell Your Story 
Chapter 3: Join the Tea Party 
Chapter 4: Find Your Niche 
Chapter 5: Make a Name for Yourself — And Protect It 
Chapter 6: Build Your Own Media 
Chapter 7: How Far Can You Go?
If you need a more descriptive map of the psyche of one Kevin Jackson, you should invest in a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and leave the map to old technology.  Jackson's "niche is clear as his consistent pandering to American whites via his I am not like them differentiation from African-Americans. He also a prime example of black conservatives who will never ever refer to themselves as "African-American." 

I won't dirty my page with references to Jackson as what some would call an Uncle Tom, but I stand committed to Jackson as a caricature of the fabled "House Negro" who spent the entirety of his life pleasing white plantation owners for favorite slave status.  If we allow our minds to think of the old South antebellum House Negro, we cannot avoid the reality of cases of "pleasing slavism" that facilitated the slave's family (e.g., food, physical comfort and avoidance of child sell-offs). Jackson's post-slavery slavism without doubt provides various forms of life-sustaining means and he is apparently successful at filling the role.  It is his job!  

Last night Jackson fulfilled his job description as an exemplary "pleasing slavist" and conservative black facilitator for whites. And, what better forum than Fox News with none other than "White Santa; white Jesus" Megyn Kelly.  The backdrop and well staged on-air kerfuffle centered around the recent resignation of the University of Missouri President and Chancellor.  Jackson as a St. Louis area resident cannot have escaped the decades-long reports of overt racism on the MIZZOU campus.  But, as the good slavist, it doesn't fit his niche and message to speak frankly about the deleterious effects of campus racism on the well-being of the entire student body and employee census.  He best serves in the role you will see and hear in the following Mediaite piece. 


‘Nobody Got Hurt!': Fox Panel Blows Up Over Missouri Protests, Political Correctness

megyn mizzou panel
A Fox News panel went off the rails tonight in a fierce argument over the University of Missouri protests and whether it’s yet another example of politically correct, overly-liberal college campuses.
Lisa Durden started by going off on the “idiot” president who resigned today under pressure, saying his “stupid pontificating” wasn’t enough to show he understood the issues the students were raising. And she was so fired up she gave Fox viewers her Twitter handle and basically said to bring it on.
Kevin Jackson called the whole thing “the most ridiculous thing that’s happening in colleges,” lamenting how the outrage is over-the-top for minor incidents that he said most people would “blow off.”
Durden jumped in to ask how people can just brush off ongoing racial slurs and an incident of a swastika made of feces. She kept going on about the president and said (presumably directed at him), “Take that, you idiot!”
Jackson pointed out the swastika was probably meant as a slur against Jews. Durden fired back, “Luckily I’m not a black person who only care about black people!”
Jackson said, “Yeah, you are,” and asked, “Who got hurt? Nobody got hurt!”
Watch above, via Fox News.
[image via screengrab]
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