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Saturday, November 7, 2015

GOP 2016: Ben Carson. How Are You Feeling About That Book Purchase?

The unreported regarding the meme is....
Brian Williams, NBC News, was covering third base.
Ben Carson has issues.

He is so obviously way outside his element as an alleged candidate for the GOP 2016 nomination it is comical. Since the morning of his direct affront to the nation's 44th President at a breakfast media event a few years back through his more recent comments about Jews failing to take up arms against Hitler's armies, Carson has exhibited behavior (accompanied by oratory) that would relegate most of us for hours on the Psychiatrist couch.

As he reached to claim his place as a candidate for 2016, Carson has shown a cognitive failing between his thought processes and his communications. In fact, one could also make a case regarding his actual thought processes. Example. While his point on German and European Jews related to issues surrounding gun control (and national absconding of firearms) he somehow failed to factor consideration of Hitler's armies as military units who capture the entirety of Europe, the units came close to capturing key Russian cities. Even if every European Jew was weapons-laden, the prospect of forestalling the eventual Holocaust can only reside in the mind of the mentally challenged. Let's take the Carson rhetoric one step further. The fact that he even concocted the false (look back) prophecy indicated a mind that is in need of attention.

From earlier signs of a mental imbalance and subsequent oratory, through more recent oral missteps. While reaching out to US religious zealots and those who place religion at the pinnacle of every aspect of life, Carson apparently fabricated incidents (or severely embellished) incidents with the intent to attract. Whether attracting attention for political gain or to facilitate purchases of his new book, the former Neurosurgeon is behaving outside the scope of rational behavior. Hammers against his mother, stabbing attempts, brick-throwing to harm and other self-confessed acts, while seemingly untrue, indicate a person driven by some motive to the point of touching into the irrational.    

My life has been guided by many old axioms. One axiom that stands out is. "A person can think anything they wish, or follow their brains wherever it leads them, but the person subjects themselves to scrutiny if certain thoughts are spoken outright."  In other words, one can harbour hatred, and prejudice, as examples, but once they exhibit their thoughts as overt behavior they become a problem. 

Carson's escapades are well known enough to avoid rehashing his recent mental foibles (judgment, misrepresentation and lies) here and now.  Let's explore a few video episodes of the fizzling GOP candidate.

Carson goes uncharacteristically animated in seeking to deflect the press off on President Obama.

Interestingly, Obama has been in office seven years and suffered serious scrutiny until he silenced Donald Trump at the Correspondent's Dinner. Also do you recall CNN reporters literally standing outside Reverand Wright's church seeking on-camera interviews with members of the congregation. Why reach to scapegoat the 44th President when Marco Rubio's financial woes are out there for all to attack? I believe Carson is (social) shallow enough to reach and attack the African-American while avoiding any mention of Rubio's questionable financial escapades. 

Carson has expended significant angst in challenging the press about not going after Obama's "sealed records?"

His recent admission of *funny business* regarding a reported full scholarship to West Point is worth close scrutiny.

Ben Carson: "I was offered a full scholarship to West Point" (Oct 9, 2015) | Charlie Rose

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