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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Of Xenophpbia, Bigotry and GOP Politics (Via Its 2016 Front Runners)

Database em, ID em, and Badge em!

Let's take a quick look at American terrorists who have yet to be proven followers of the Muslim Faith. Most of the following images are linked to sources; not one source includes the word Islam nor Muslim.


Despite FBI reports of white supremacists and "home-grown terrorism" as the most serious threat to national security, we continue to find rampant paranoia, fear mongers, xenophobia, and over-the-top sheltering against an imaginary enemy. The 9/11 terror attacks and much more recent attacks in Paris France, Lebanon, and Mali, Africa speak to the danger of international terror. Terror worthy of scrutiny, appropriate counter-measures, and military readiness, but the attacks hardly serve as a corollary to recent comments from certain members of the current GOP heard of candidates for 2016 party nomination.

Ben Carson and Donald Trump have both spoken in a most heinous manner about Syrian refugees.  They have taken to microphones to deliver oratory that rivals that of Joseph Goebbels and almost reminds of the "cockroaches" label and refrain used by the Rwandan Tutsis to slaughter 800,000 Hutus.   Carson metaphorical reference to "rabid dogs, needs to further comment. We are committed to our position, Carson is insane and can no longer control what comes from his brain.  Trump's party leading acceptance of federal registers, immigration database, and ID'ing Syrian refugees is as despicable and "Un-American" as it comes. 

How can any party/campaign leading candidate with the following of the GOP front-runner escape overwhelming criticism for such comments? He feigns innocence and victimized along with an aversion to intervening from the RNC and GOP party leaders. RNC Chair, Priebus seems to be sheltering in a dark concern hoping no one calls upon him for comment. 
While Trump has gone on Fox News with innuendo of being entrapped, and "I did not say that a reporter asked..." MSNBC's Rachel Maddow has offered clear evidence of Trumps demagoguery.

TRMS Novembr 20,2015

We ran across a quick read an image on facebook that seems to embody the essence of Trump's comments.  

TRUMP DEFINITELY SAID WE SHOULD HAVE A NATIONAL MUSLIM REGISTRY — Although he's trying to walk it back, there is no doubt in our minds that Donald Trump meant what he said. Mother Jones magazine confirms this as well in their lead story, "Yes, Donald Trump Agreed That We Should Have a National Registry of Muslims". Of course Trump forgets that he said it on video tape. A registry is just a precursor to internment camps like we set up for Japanese Americans during World War II. While we're sure Trump wasn't talking about the equivalent of Nazi concentration camps, once you get on bigotry's slippery slope of xenophobia, all bets are off. This is why we're calling Trump out on his Muslim Registry. 

We often read about how we should avoid references to the Third Reich. it is virtually impossible to do so as we consider Tumps oratory, support from white supremacists groups and the actions of some supporters when faced with dissent. Over the past few years, we have grown to expect that ever-present high baby boomer chant of "USA, USA", USA" when dissent erupts at GOP events. It seems we are now expected to grow accustomed to what follows. 

During an Alabama rally, Trump was interrupted by a protester. He was summarily surrounded, beaten and kicked to the ground. Recall during Trump's last Alabama rally someone in the audience yelled "White Power!"

On Trump's orders ("Get out of
here") supporters attack a black man

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