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Friday, November 27, 2015

Putin Refers To ISIS As "Daesh" And Requested A What?

A MAP?  

We hope Putin never asks certain Americans for a map.  It is critical to note, it seems well over 40% of US conservatives are finding Donald Trump  an acceptable prospect for the GOP nomination for 2016. 

Whatever you do Vladimir, do not ask any Republican for a map of acceptable areas for Syrian bombing. 


This is truly unfathomable, yet I get an inner feeling it has a basis in the reality of Russian INTEL. 


"He asked us to draw up a map of forces that are not terrorists and are fighting Daesh," Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on RTL, referring to ISIS by its Arab acronym. "He committed to not bombing them once we've provided that."

The West has accused Moscow of targeting mostly-Western backed rebel groups fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad, who is a key Russian ally.
If Vladamir Putin requested a map of areas not to bomb and a map that included areas where Syrians fighting ISIS hold ground, we find cause to question the wisdom of another nation bulging with military hardware. While bulging at the seams with an abundance of hardware, ordinance, and the will to use such, yet restricted like a race horse with limited view due to blinders.

France's President Hollande met with the Russian leaders this morning; the references to the map follows. 

The unbelievable nature of the request and associated ease in confirming future us of the map, warrants watching. The request also leads to an area of thought and a place in the mind that seeks a bit of humor: The Three Stooges.

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