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Monday, November 23, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trumps Black Crime Meme Rooted In Neo-Nazism

Donald Trump's racism is moving the GOP to the party of the demagogue. The billionaire mogul is running roughshod across the GOP primary campaign trail with no pushback from party leaders and a noticeable absence of comment from Reince Priebus's RNC.

After falsely claiming to have seen thousands of Muslims cheering collapsing WTC Towers from the top of buildings on the Jersey coast, the demagogue moved his rhetoric to an all too familiar target: Non-whites (specifically African-Americans). Have you ever witnessed a kid work to escape an embarrass trick-bag of trouble via feigning illness.

Trump's now historic tweet has collapsed around him like a teenager caught in a back alley with his pants around his ankles, and susceptible to your imagination.  His tweet has a genesis in Neo-Nazism!

If You Only News

 At this point, it is safe to say Donald Trump has dropped any facade of decency and self-respect. With no regard to actual facts, Trump tweeted out an infographic that is not only wrong but also highly racist. See for yourself.
Trump's racist Twitter pic.
Trump’s racist Twitter pic. via @RealDonaldTrump
As reported by New York Daily News, the most recent data from this alleged source is 2014 and does not break down murder by race. However, the FBI database does. Based on that data I produced a more accurate reflection of murder in America.
Benjamin Dixon calls out Trump
Benjamin Dixon calls out Trump. via @TheBpDShow
The data shows that the biggest killer of a particular demographic is that same demographic. In other words, people kill people they know. This is not a surprise. However, for Donald Trump, the truth is secondary to his desire to play to the lowest denominator in his base. 
I don’t use the term “racist” lightly. Trump’s misleading infographic only serves to perpetuate the notions of black criminality and to silence any debate regarding police brutality. Others that have researched this tweet found that the tweet originated from a Neo-Nazi:
.@Green_Footballs searched for the source of Trump’s false statistics about black crime. It’s a neo-Nazi.
— Jonathan Chait (@jonathanchait) November 23, 2015
More important than the racism is Trump’s propensity towards misinformation and propaganda. Thousands of Trump supporters have “Liked” and Retweeted this misinformation. Because of how easily this infographic is debunked, one has to ask if Trump ever takes the time to verify his ridiculous assertions rather than willingly spreading misinformation with no regard for the facts. Even more disturbing is the level to which Trump can get away with this type of behavior and still remain the front runner of the Republican Party.
The truth appears to no longer have any relevance to Conservatives. This would explain why Trump and Carson have remained in the first and second positions in polling all summer long. The new normal for Republicans is accepting lies that excuse their racism and bigotry, instead of accepting facts that might not be convenient to their opinions. The problem for progressives in this fight will be adapting to fighting against people who are obviously suffering from some level of delusion. Or as one follower put it:

It is important to remember. Trump is a carnival barker. He cares not about your well-being. His mission is to sell you a ticket to his show and he will place anything in his tent of tricks.  His efforts to ensure you joining his tent via bigotry nd racism speaks volumes because he is only giving people what they want.

Is there any continuing doubt of why the GOP is a 92% white political party? 


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