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Friday, November 20, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Xenophobia, Bigotry, Rcaism, The Devolving GOP "Autopsy", And Semper Fi

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Donald Trump has mentioned Ted Cruz as a possible running mate once he wins the GOP nomination for the 2016 General election. As the Republican National Committee (RNC) and conservative America sits back and allows Trump to drag their ideology to new levels of disgust, the devolving reality is amazing in its likeness to Germany mid-1930s. 

Watch as Donald Trumps possible choice as a running releases his own brand of xenophobia and (yes) white nationalism. 
Another conservative myth goes down in flames.Posted by Addicting Info on Friday, November 20, 2015
Rest assured Cruz's brand of white nationalism despite his history of family immigrant status, pales to the performances of Trump. MSNBC recently reported on Trumps nascent refusal to say not to the development of a Muslim database and Muslim ID cards in an American future (If he is elected in 2016). 

Excuse the digression, but I must post the following. Semper Fi!!!
Hey , I'm an American Muslim and I already carry a special ID badge. Where's yours?
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Again I Digress

Why does Maddow continue to do the "Mr. Trump" thing when she fails to refer to any other candidate as Mr. or Ms.?  Media serioulsy fails this nation from all political slants.

End Digression

I have long posited a major reason Ben Carson could never (ever) win the GOP nomination for 2016 was his race. While Carson and other conservatives will fight like wolverines to disavow the reality of deep racism in conservative America and the extent of racism at the core of components of the GOP, the reality stands out like a Confederate Flag. Therefore, imagine any "black conservatives" (as they detest being referred to as African-American) winning the nomination and isolating an entire GOP voting bloc: the American white supremacist and their cousin white nationalists.

How about a Cornucopia of support for my last set of statements?

I believe I recall after the 2012 defeat of Mitt Romney, RNC Chair commission an evaluation and assessment of his parties loss.  The 100-page report including 212 concrete observation/recommendations) is embed below.   

The Washinton Post published the ill-fated report shortly after its public release. The document stands, today, alongside Paleozoic Era creatures (eg,. extinct and for the GOP forgotten)

The Autopsy of the Romney and GOP defeat and how to fix all issues.  Linked via clicking image below. 

The study and subsequent document should have been referred to as a Lobotomy Vs. an Autopsy. Current manifestations of GOP and conservative insensitivity of all things outside of white America is on-going and utterly stupefying.  

Only one GOP nominee appears to have a degree of sensitivity regarding immigration, refugees and the suffering of people of color: Jeb Bush. His modicum of sensitivity probably emanates from the existential reality of his Mexican national wife (the daughter of an immigrant).  The most of the remaining candidates (with an exception for Kasich) appears as firebrand haters who, in some, cases are using the plight of others as political leverage.  I will add none greater than Trump, Carson, Rubio, and Cruz, in the stated order. The latter three for obvious reason are particularly shameless in their use of refugees and immigrants for political gain. 

Let's end with an example of how conservative dimwits follow their leaders along a path strewn with hatred vitriol, shame, and disgust. In the face of a reality that points to US domestic terrorism is more prevalent from militia and white supremacists, one citizen took advantage of a community town hall meeting to express his full measure of racism nd bigotry. 

Hate speech closes Spotsylvania public meeting

Abbreviated version  (To highlight the total extent of bigotry) click here.

\ ...and the enemy is us!

Reince Priebus, "where art thou?"

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