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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Trump Insults Far And Wide (The Shame Of It All)

....but he manages to avoid blanket abuse of white people. 

The Bipartisan Report, Jameson Parker's Piece with Trump supporters

Reporter Talks To Trump Supporters; Finds They Are More Racist, Xenophobic Than Thought Possible

Apparently many Trump supporters are buying into, or have bought into, Right-wing (political and media) rhetoric regarding the plight of white America.

CNN has published a comprehensive piece about 10 specific groups Trump has insulted.  We have captured the 10 groups by title and posted this link to the CNN piece.
1.The disabled 
2. Reporters 
3. Iowans 
4. Muslims 
5. Seventh-day Adventists 
6. African-Americans 
7. Asians 
8. Women 
9. POWs 
10. His competitors
I suggest Trump has insulted far more than the 10 groups delineated by CNN.  He has insulted high information voters (HIVs) across the nation. He has insulted US politics by taking GOP politics to the lowest level of decency in US History. He has insulted a lesser number of conservatives who find him reprehensible. Ultimately he has insulted and further damaged the social fabric of a nation which via its citizens should exercise innumerable intervention to reverse the current tearing of our social cohesiveness.

The animal owner depicted in the horrific example of abuse has a history of animal abuse. Yet, he is welcomed and probably lauded at a Trump event.  I wonder how about the level of affinity for this picture via Reince Priebus, RNC Chair.
Donald Trump Rally Features Circus Elephant Owned by Man Who Was Repeatedly Arrested for Animal Cruelty

If you contrast a frequent target of the Right (The nation's 44th President) spent part of his Thanksgiving Day compared to the antics of the GOP soon to be party leader you find the essence of this piece.

The following image says it all.....

The shame of it all.

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