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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Trump's Bunker Of Lies Expanding And Influencing The Low Information Voter

This is important.  The following Donald Trump Tweet was published  on 
the TPI yesterday. We are republishing the tweet again as part of a piece devoted to conservative's reaction from Donald Trumps bigotry and racism.

While unnamed as such other are taking exception to Trumps comments about "seeing thousands cheer" the downing of the WTC Towers.  Of particular interest was a reaction and on-camera confrontation from Fox News's Bill O'Reilly.  When Fox News's number one conservative social engineer takes exception to a widely publicized comment (lie), the rational person would take a step back.  Ben Carson's following Trump regarding the alleged Muslim cheering ended tonight with a retraction of his like comments. Obviously Carson's handlers won out on this unacceptable example of GOP bigotry. Carson aside, let's focus on O'Reilly's interaction with Trump.

We are posting a Mediaite piece that captures another version of the Trump's lie and manufactured episode.


O’Reilly Grills Trump on ‘Totally Wrong’ Tweet; Trump: ‘Am I Gonna Check Every Statistic?’

Yesterday Donald Trump retweeted this graphic from a follower:
Embedded image permalink

"@SeanSean252: @WayneDupreeShow @Rockprincess818 @CheriJacobus"
Now, aside from being inaccurate (but really, that’s been kind of Trump’s thing this week), it got a lot of reactions along the lines of “Trump’s a racist.”
Trump appeared on Fox News tonight and Bill O’Reilly actually confronted him over that tweet. He said “this bothered me” and refuted him over the “totally wrong” stats in the tweet.
And the exchange that ensued was, um, quite something:
TRUMP: I didn’t tweet, I retweeted somebody that was supposedly an expert, and it was also a radio show.
O’REILLY: Why do you want to be in that zone?
TRUMP: Hey, Bill, Bill, am I gonna check every statistic? I get millions and millions of people, @RealDonaldTrump, by the way.
O’REILLY: You gotta, you’re a presidential contender, you gotta check ‘em.
TRUMP: I have millions of people… You know what? Fine. But this came out of radio shows and everything else.
O’REILLY: Oh, come on, radio shows?!
TRUMP: All it was was a retweet.
O’Reilly told Trump that putting out things like this easily gives ammo to people accusing him of racism.
Watch the whole thing above, via Fox News.
[image via screengrab]


As ugly as it gets shy of white supremacist violence. 

Just before O'Reilly took public exception to Trumps lie, CNN ran a segment with a panel of two conservative talking heads and one progressive former White House official. Of particular note are comments from Trump operative Jeff Lord (Gray-haired Trump rationalizer and popular CNN Trump pundit). 

Did you notice the over-eager Lord started affirming his support for early comments from the remote reporter well before the reporter even finished his first sentence? If you noticed the unsuspecting Lord's nodding, you also notice the look of dismay as his eagerness revealed the fool who -probably suffered a tsunami butt-pucker as The CNN reporter continued his comments. This man represents Trump as a dedicated CNN talking head; he is as phony as Trump and his demagoguery is a danger for the low information voter.
CNN transcending the ability to simply use the word "lie"— Anthony De Rosa (@AntDeRosa) November 23, 2015

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