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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Donald Trump And His GOP

Repost from a respected writer and soical commentator

Chauncey Devega

Donald Trump's supporters are now shouting that they want to light a black person on fire.
This ought not to be surprising in a country where white mobs lynched thousands of black people. After being beaten, having their genitals, fingers, toes, and ears cut off, bodies shot and stabbed, many black victims of these white thugs were then set on fire while still alive.
Body parts were then cut off of the victims' bodies, photos taken, whites posed triumphantly next to the corpse, and then shared the images in postcards that could circulate all over the world as one of America's first forms of mass popular culture.
That was America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Trump supporters have not formed lynch mobs yet. Perhaps that is the progress of the 21st century. But I would not put it past them. White supremacy is pathological. It is a cultural sickness. Unfortunately, many millions of white Americans are still infected with it. Alas to be "American" is to inherit, internalize, and reproduce a cultural norm where white violence against the black and brown body is the glue that has historically held together the white body politic and the white democratic project.
In the necropolis of black bodies in the Age of Obama--black bodies killed by cops and white identified vigilantes--this norm (and perhaps white birthright?) lives on.

Multiple protesters were removed from a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas on the…

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