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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Harry Houck CNN's Anti-African American (Paid) Contributor

Harry Houck, nonobjective, totally biased,
bigoted and should be a former CNN contributor

CNN's Chief "cop killing and cop abuse rationalizer", Harry Houck, on yesterday, took his social deprivation and bias to yet another level.

During an interview with Stephen Green, NAACP College of Youth Director, hosted by CNN's Brook Baldwin, Houck exemplified the epitome of why CNN programs the former cop.  

Houck was uncharacteristic antagonistic during the interview and seemed to take the on-air opportunity with a veritable youngster to show the extent to which he seems to despise African-Americans. I have linked a portion the show that included Houck and Green.  Herewith is an example of Houck at his most bigoted. It is also important to note some media (social media) are reporting on the interview with comments about how Houck as scolded by Baldwin. I posit the following is far from a 'scolding.'
HOUCK: Maybe. You know, I'm just tired of the police getting the brunt of everything that's going on inside the inner city of Chicago. You people who live in Chicago - 
BALDWIN: No, no it's not "you people," Harry Houck. Come on
Harry Houck and Stephen Green speak to CNN's Brooke Baldwin (screen grab)

If you didn't see the segment and have about six minutes to spare, it is with viewing. Watch closely for Houck's clear advertisement for US conservatism (aggressive police work) and a clear endorsement of the GOP.

Baldwin's interruption was noteworthy, but her finger tap of Houck's words may as well have been avoided. Why bother? It certain wasn't such that Houck will be careful about such comments going forward. While we will even know how CNN managers and producers handled Houck's words, without question Baldwin, didn't seriously take Houck's bigoted comments to task.

Let's explore another way to handle obvious on-air bigotry from a daily CNN contributor.
How about.."Harry, you should not feel free to come on this show with such generalizing forms of speech. It sounds like dog whistle code.

But, of course, if she had intervened in such a direct manner the host might have caught hell from her producers and managers. No, Baldwin did not scold anyone. Social media sites should be commended for coceri9ng this week's most blatant case of on-air bigotry via cable networks but sit editors shouldn't look for mirages when they are not there. Baldwin did not scold Houck.

Houck's over-the-top use of the word "thugs" was no surprise. In fact, President Obama once used the vernacular regarding street crime killings. Houck, however, seemed determined to use as many conservative dog-whistles and code he could pull-off without an intervention.  The regular CNN bigot has yet to refer to any of the many white spree and mass killers as a "thug", nor has he used the code word when asked to comment on campus violence perpetrated by white students.  While, I am not a constant CNN viewer, my viewing of the Waco Texas motorcycle "thugs" killings did draw one use of the word "thug" from any cable or network media. 

When media fails to operate at a level well above generalizations, balanced fairness, and operates with attention to avoidance of social traps (via non-diverse decision-makers), it performs a social disservice. A disservice that feeds growing bias, bigotry and in some cases the failures lead to perceptions of "white privilege" and its corollary social degeneration: racism.

CNN Newsroom transcript December 1, 2015 [14:05:02] 

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