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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Jack Lew, US Treasury Secretary, Declares US Economy Fixed

Jack Lew, US Treasury Secretary

The following Fox Business News segment with noted Obama hater Mario Bartiromo  includes comment from Obama Administration Jack Lew, US Treasury, that is worth noting with regard to recent polling on the US economy. For some unfathomable reason, a recent CNN/ORC poll has a polling respondent group solidly indicating Donald Trump would be the present occupant of the Whtie House with regard to the US economy.

The US economy is fixed.  If the nation could find the formula to increasing the national em-employment particiaptio0n rate, maybe (just maybe), informed Americans would grow to appreciate the real accomplishments of yet another US set of eight years in the White House.

Our specific focus comes in at the 2:28-minute mark. The first two minutes appear to have been consumed by the Fox News host in an attempt to sabotage the Obama/Kerry multi-national Iran Deal.

Fixed US Economy According To The USTreasury

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