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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pharma "Rip-off" Guy...Busted

You know the story...

Earn million from Wall Street and re-invest. The Pharma guy who bought a company and immediately raise the price of one product by 1500 percent.
Talking Points Memo offers an update on the Uber wealthy scum and his background of allegations of fraud. A crook is a crook and the world should have known such via his Pharma purchase and attempts to rip off people who needed his product to sustain life.

 “Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”


Martin Shkreli Indicted In 'Ponzi-Like' Securities Fraud Scheme


AP Photo / Craig Ruttle
The boyish-looking 32-year-old entrepreneur — a relentlessly self-promoting figure who has called himself "the world's most eligible bachelor" on Twitter and recently plunged into the hip-hop world by buying an unreleased album by the Wu-Tang Clan — was taken into custody in a gray hoodie and awaited an appearance in federal court in Brooklyn.

Online, many people took instant glee in his arrest, some of them joking about a judge ratcheting up his sentence or lawyers jacking up their hourly fees 5,000 percent for defending him in his hour of need.

His attorneys had no immediate comment.

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