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Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: GOP Debate 5 (The Shame Of It All)

Let's start our review of the GOP debates with the most unfathomable comment of the two debate four hour night: Lindsey Graham misses who?

From Lindsey Graham's obvious attempt to excite the debate (GOP) audience via his insane lament for George W. Bush what better way to capture a quick view of the GOP debate than a quick video visual of who talked and what they talked about.
Back to the main stage. Trump exposes a severe lack of knowledge of a communication's media, the Internet, he spends as much time using as sitting for a hair comb-over.  He doesn't understand even the basics of the Internet. Yet, he posits and declares his wish to have the Internet restricted in the United States. What ever happened to a GOP that formerly claimed the US constitution as their bible.

That was purely farcical and some in the audience let Trump know their thoughts about his rhetoric on the Internet.

The US economy is not a topic that garners even moderate comment from the GOP.  Evidence of an economy that may have moved into the realm of post-Bush healed.
Trump is the consummate politician.  He claims to have only exist as a politician for the past six months; no.... any and all CEOs, business owners and the uber wealthy are (in some form) politicians. This weeks' GOP debates again showed the extent our celebrity worship and silliness surrounding Trump's campaign for the GOP nomination. His actions were those of a spoiled child with nothing more than insults to carry him through two hours on the debate stage.

One example of his complete and utter unpreparedness for any political office was embodied in his response regarding the nation's defense "Triad." 

Check out the shallowness and the manner in which Rubio jumped to explain it while off-handed poking at Trumps lack of knowledge.  Trump stumbled; Rubio explained.

And, that is how an exposed carnival barker appears after being caught ill-equipped to answer a question.  For those who would say, it is too early for Trump to have such knowledge, wait until he wins the election and gets that first Security Briefing.  If you thought such your shallowness is also now exposed and you are caught walking into the Trump carnival tent.  If you and I know what the term denotes, certainly  we should expect similar from one who aspires to have his fingers on the Red Button. 

Trump was also exposed after the debate as a schmoozing operator as he sat for a few minutes with, MSNBC's Chris Matthews.  As Trump joined Matthews he spent strategic time praising Matthews ("...good show'), and lavishing a bit of praise on the MSNBC contributor who also sat on the platform ("This is is a real professional").  But, take a look at how Matthews maneuvered Trump into his past over-the-top racist birtherism

Speaking of "birtherism", Trump hasn't once commented about Cruz like birth-right.  Has Trump's avoiding the same questions against Cruz an indication of Trump's aversion to the African-American in the White House?


No review of Tuesday night would be complete without exposure of Carly Fiorina as the literally lying fraud of a candidate.  Her assertion of a string of general replaced by Obama did not make it pass even a basic fact check.  First of all, Petraeus was nor removed as a military general due to "not telling Obama what he wanted to hear." He was removed from the battlefield and given the Director of the CIA job and promptly lost that job due to his pillow talk and sharing defense secrets with a concubine journalist.

Special Atteniton on Fiorina via Politifact

Mostly False

"One of the things I would immediately do … is bring back the warrior class -- Petraeus, McChrystal, Mattis, Keane, Flynn. ... Every one was retired early because they told President Obama things that he didn’t want to hear."
— Carly Fiorina on Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 in a GOP debate on CNN

As reported via the Rachel Maddow Show, Fox News also sought to check on Fiorina's (fired the generals) lie. Note Obama hater Stuart Varney's team programmed one of Fiorina's generals; the segment didn't go as I am sure Fox News hoped.

Media Matters

There was yet another exmaple of the big oops from the GOP deabagte stage. Fox News's Brett Baier cornered Cruz for I am certain what Cruz thought was a sterling opportunity to overwhlem Baier's audience with smooth talk.  It didn't go according to Hoyle. Unfoertuanltey, the Baier segmetn is 3:46 mintues..skip through it. wehy expsoe yourself to that many minutes of Cruz's rhetoric.

  Double OOPS!

One other really intriguing tidbit about the GOP Circa 2016. The nation's number one uber wealthy contributor to "all things GOP, apparently met with four "top GOP candidates." Well, in the linked segment (10:45 mark to the 11:09 mark) Jeb Bush is in the group of four, but no Ben Carson.  Wonder why? (linked)

While there is much more regarding the Tuesday night show, but let's end with a few Fact-Check links.
PolitiFact_Live_fact-checking_the_Republican_Las_Vegas_presidential_debate Truth-O-Meter Jeb Bush 
The Fact Checkers Exhausted Trying Find Just One Claim Trump Made Thats True

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