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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Trumpism, Cable Media, And The Pathetic State Of MSNBC

All electronic media is leveraging the circus political campaign of Donald Trump.  

From over the top (every breath and every inane remark) coverage through what appears as a procedural dedication to referring to he carnival barker as "Mr. Trump," while failing to use similar salutatory references to other 2016 potential candidates to excessive minutes of repeated coverage of the Manhattan bloviator.  Hillary Clinton is generally referred to as "Hillary."  Bernie Sanders (maybe via preference) is more often referred to as "Bernie." Ben Carson garners use of his career title of "Dr."  But, Jeb Bush is referred to as "Jeb" more often than common use of his full name. 

Did I keyboard excessive minutes and repeat coverage?

The (conservative ) Washington Examiner: January 2015 - July 2015 

If you have an aversion to charts and graphs, the Examiner offers table (list) viewing also.

I believe Trump formally declared his candidacy in June of 2016.  Yet, the graphic above indicates the degree to which the reality TV barker garnered media attention well before June of this year.

Form Jul6 16, 2015 through September 14, of this year MSNBC also joined the Trump viewer ratings opportunity.

The Wall Street Journal: one calendar viewing quarter.

The former predominate progressive MSNBC, beat all cable media to the 'draw' with its version of Trump groveling while ratings seeking. "Citizen Trump." 

What?  Trump has even won a GOP primary and the ever-changing and increasingly conservative MSNBC ran a special? 

Matthews nabbed an interview with Trump after the third GOP Debate.  I have posted the majority fo the interview in which The MSNBC host eventually challenged Trump on "birtherism."  However, my primary reason for posting the segment is Matthew's over-the-top inclination for star worship.  Notice at the 1:29-minute mark, Matthews broke from the interview to through sycophant praise to Trump's wife.  

How is it possible to avoid the perception fo star-worship and 'ratings plays' when a supposed multi-millionaire news media host schmoozed a candidate's wife?

The network is dying and Andrew Lack, NBC CEO, is the specific problem. Of Course, he following orders from Comcast and Universal while offering progamming that has devled into ratings hungry air-time with little other releancve. The GOP debate coverage was worse than pathetic and thyer was no psot deabte coverage of the recent DNC debate. 

While Fox News is the GOP communications division and CNN books far more conservative guests (politicians) and employs a cadre of Right-wing zealots (example, Harry Houck) comparable to none, MSNBC is also guilty fo salting its views with over cooked Trump Stew.

Obvious leveraging of Trump for ratings is an indication of the diminution of US electronic media.  I offer it is an inarguable point. If my posit has any basis, why would MSNBC bother to attempt to *icing* their abundance of coverage with a segment of Matthews spewing pure bullcrap.

Before we end the piece, take a look and listen to one of Trump's more pathetic spokes people. The Texas Tea Party anarchist wears a bullet necklace on national television. Is it possible to show as a more disgusting exhibition of Trumpism?

Is it possible to show such disrespect in a society of daily gun deaths?  

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