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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Visit To The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge: US Domestic Terror

The Bundy family has yet again trounced on the sovereign unity of the nation. The family seems set on violating articles of the US Constitution while making a mockery of US law. One family of such a mindset is of no significance and even less consequence, but the Bundy's are not of the same militant movement mold as was Randy Weaver. The Bundy's are known for surrounding their criminal acts with far-right militia and as was the case int eh Nevada stand-off with the Bureau of Land Management, surrounding themselves with women and children. 

The Weaver case led to the Killing of Randy Weaver's wife and son via FBI agents.  The first Bundy encounter proved successful for the Nevada anarchist as the BLM received orders to stand-down. As is the case with any bully, standing-down means the bully wins and the bully will performance similarly bullying going forward.  The Bundy's are back with a cause that is as flawed as their daddy's evasion of land taxes in the State of Nevada. 

As two Oregon Ranchers report to prison post-sentencing related to arson charges, the Bundy's continue a siege of an empty wildlife refuge building occupied last Saturday.  A notable irony regarding the Bundy led militia refuge building takeover; the Hammonds to not support the seditious act in any manner.

I suggest the Bundy family militia (AKA White Mountain Militia, Vanilla ISIS & Y'All Qaeda), has motives that center around anarchy, angry white supremacy, and anti-progressive/Obama ideology.

Before we move to the current exhibit of domestic terror, I must recognize Ted Cruz and in an off-hand manner Marco Rubio have spoken against the (empty) building invasion. Rick Santorum as desperate for votes as any of the herd of GOP candidates, supports "the cause." 

Santorum "supports the cause!"

How about these terrorists:

View image on Twitter

"I didn't come here to shoot I came here to die.", (will ID only as "Capt. Moroni")

How about this well-known anti-Muslim terrorist?

Jon Ritzheimer posts 'goodbye' video to family

Santorum can say not do nothing that will surprise decent and progressive Americans.  His most famous proclamation was issued during the Iowa Primaries of 2012. it should be noted he won the Iowa GOP Primary.  In early 2012, Santorum showed his true mantel with his now famous: BLAH people

A mixed bag for GOP Primary hopefuls.

It is time to visit the  Malheur National Wildlife Refuge:



The Daily Kos: Schools forced to close for another week while grown men play militia in Oregon

Alan dot Com: Oregon Militia Asking For Snacks, Socks, Money On Facebook

Mediaite: Oregon ‘Militia’ Member: ‘Why Are Black Lives Matter Protestors Treated Different in the Media?’

Of course, I have read pieces that appear to find some level of rationalizing the actions of Bundy's militia. I will hold the pieces until after the occupation subsides. I prefer to report on the "I told you so" aspect of their rationalization than to share their comments here.

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