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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

UPDATE: Apology? Arizona Student's "N" Word Exhibition Signs Of A Socially Devolving Nation

UPDATE:  One apologizes.  For my perspective apology, no accepted.

The Daily News published this piece earlier today.

NY Daily

Earlier today:

Earlier in the week we published this piece about the Arizona students.

  Another day, another exhibition of American Racism.
Desert Vista High School seniors

This photo, taken by a student and widely available on social media on Friday, shows Desert Vista High School seniors after class photo day. KJZZ has obscured the faces of the students. 

(Photo via Twitter)
Well, let's show white privilege for what it is worth and with full disclosure. We have un-"obscured" the faces and added the names of what amounts to the embodiment of American racism; in a state well noted for its anti-Civil Rights aura.

Oh, I can hear it now. "They are young, they are joshing around, they aren't racists." Of course, not; they are the overt manifestation of white privilege and the obvious offspring of parents who probably raised them with complete indifference to tolerance of people of color; in some cases possibly raised by parents who practice open bigotry and racism.  
Now for more detail from the source that first draw my attention to the exhibition. 
KJZZ 91.5 (Phoenix)

Phoenix Students Spell Out Racial Slur On T-Shirts, Leading To Social Media Outrage

By  Will Stone
Jan. 22, 2016


(Photo via Twitter)
This photo, taken by a student and widely available on social media on Friday, shows Desert Vista High School seniors after class photo day. KJZZ has obscured the faces of the students.
A photo of Ahwatukee high school seniors spelling out a racial slur on T-shirts has triggered outrage across social media.    
Every year, the more than 700 seniors at Desert Vista High School participate in a panoramic class photo shoot. Students sport shirts with letters spelling out various phrases, all pre-approved by the school. But this year that tradition took a bad turn. 
After the class photo — and unbeknownst to administrators — half a dozen female students gathered in a corner and with smiles, lined up next to each other to spell out a racial slur, commonly referred to as the “N-word.” The middle two letters of the word are asterisks, instead of gs.  
The picture quickly went viral on Twitter, with some calling for the students to be suspended or expelled. Many users also called for names and details about the students.  
“I cannot stress enough how upset and absolutely outraged the principal is, the administration is at Desert Vista," said Jill Hanks, a spokesperson for Tempe Union High School District, which runs Desert Vista. 
Of course, you know what is next.  "I'm not racist!" 
Sc the second from the left exhibitionist decided to respond to criticism via "proof" she has black friends; thus not a racist.  What does she do? She appears to have reached back to what seems a grade school picture as a tool (proof).  The "N" word image shows a much taller and more mature exhibitionist than the very obvious pre-pubic offender.  
Another "What's next" item is, as predicted, "they are just kids.
Herewith is a typical dismissive response, and it is from an African-American. 
......these are just kids, I don't care about their year book. in fact, let them have the photo. As an adult, people-matters are far more interesting than school yard politics. Take the presidential nomination, for example. Who will lead public policy for the next 4 years? Who will you elect? Doesn't that sound more interesting than a high school argument about racial language?
" an adult, people matters are far more interesting than schoolyard politics." If the young African-American commenter wasn't so accepting of public use of the "N": word VAI WHITEs, he would think more carefully and intelligently about his comments. He states "kids" with anticipation of more relevancy regarding adults (and the coming elections). If such behavior isn't checked and placed in a box of close scrutiny and scorn, said behavior repeats and proliferates and supports levels of such exhibition that have increased exponentially since President Obama took office in 2009.  The young rationalizer fails to move his acceptance of the "language" and inherent harm the language does to people who are easily influenced, the very young and the level of offense to those who lived the word "Nigger": during a time when it carried additional potential baggage: lynching, land grabs, rapes and Jim Crow. Possibly the young rationalizer has grown to buy the hype of a musical genre (Hip HOP and Rap) that has so promulgated the use of indecent language the "N" word has become part of his paradigm.  The scenario beckons a question. "What happens if the young rationalizer stands face to face with one fo the six young racist or all of the six and the word "nigger" is level to his sense of hearing and into his brain?" I doubt he would lecture the students in the merits of voting in the fall (Of course, the kids are too young to vote).
The young who grow unfettered or unchallenged for use of such an exhibition run the real risk of growing into what follows.  It is a very familiar exhibition based on the reality of a guy headed to work, stopping at Family dollar to purchase a toothbrush, and the noise of his truck (as he started it) must have frightened the women's unattended kids.  Notice the free and open use of the word "Nigger", and the reality her children while developing similarly. 
A day later and after a visit from local police with word the truck driver could press charges, the woman went here.
In the video, the woman tells the man that her husband is on his way to confront him, and upon realizing that the conversation is being recorded on camera, she taunts that the video wouldn’t get her in any legal trouble, quoted as saying:
“He knows the cops? How many cops have I stripped for?”  
The same day the video was uploaded, Redditor crunchy_noodles submitted the video to the /r/videos[2] subreddit, where comments were disabled shortly after Redditors began posting the woman’s personally identifiable information, but not before they identified her as Janelle Ambrosia and uncovered her Facebook account. In less than 48 hours, the video gained over 4.2 million views. 
Notable DevelopmentsIn the following days, the video was highlighted by several news sites including The Daily Mail,[7] The Daily Dot[8] and The Huffington Post.[9] On June 4th, a Facebook page[13] titled “Janelle Ambrosia is racist” was created, gaining over 14,000 likes in less than 48 hours. 
Radio Interview with the Woman
On June 4th, Buffalo, New York radio station WBLK[3] uploaded a video to their YouTube channel[4] featuring a phone interview they had conducted with the women from the video, who identified herself as Janelle Ambrosia. The interview was arranged after she contacted the station with a desire to share “her side of the story.” During the interview Ambrosia alleges the man videotaping the incident had almost hit her son with his car and had called her a “Crackheaded cracker.” She went on to say that her ex was trying to use the video as means to gain custody of their children, and insisted several times that she is not a racist.

In less than 48 hours the video gained over 500,000 views, and was been featured on several websites including Gawker[5] and Mediate.[6] 
Radio Interview with the Driver
On the next day, the station uploaded a video of an on air interview with the man behind the camera, Narvell Benning, which had aired the previous night during a show called Brian’s World. During the interview Benning refutes Ambrosia’s claims he had called her names, and claimed he had only scared her children by starting his car, but did not nearly hit them. He also expressed disappointment that her children had witnessed her tirade.
No, dismissing the racist students off as kids is not a viable option.
As an after thought, it is worth noting the students live in a state in which the acceptance of national holiday for Martin Luther King Jr. was only enacted to accommodate securing the Super Bowl.  It was the last state to sign-on in recognition of a national Civil right leader. 
Yet, we are finding exhibitions (in various forms) of heinous racism in every state of the union.

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