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Friday, January 29, 2016

Conservative Surrogates Argue Over Trump

It is refreshing to know there is, at least, one noted GOP pundit who finds Donald Trump's behavior far from the level of maturity necessary to serve in the White Hosue.  Ben Ferguson appeared in a CNN segment with the notorious far-right windbag from Texas: Katrina Pierson.

We have posted many pieces on the background and character of Katrina Pierson, so we will not revisit the past.  We will point out the following image from a Raw Story piece that shows a surrogate/spokesperson for a national presidential aspirant who would wear a bullet cartridge necklace on national television. And, she would do such during periods of mass shootings and abundant gun related killings.  While a paid surrogate Pierson's character again shone through via efforts to Gish Gallop tight news time constraints with Trumpite garbage about running a business.

Ben Ferguson and Katrina Pierson

It is important to remember, key surrogates are given top spots in the White House (in some capacity).  Yet, another reason to scrutinize Trump with far greater detail.

The shame of it all.

For more detail visit the Raw Story

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