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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Maine's Governor And His Pat Buchanan Like Rant

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) is well known for abrasive language that tips into disgusting sexual references and reports of racist remarks (of which he has denied). Denied? How many racist actually admit to their horrific social paradigm. Pat Buchanan may be the only national figure who is so racist he could never deny his socially degenerate side. Governor LaPage has denied such remarks. Until this, week no choice other than to accept his denials.

Racism is one of those psyche states that is impossible to completely cloak. It works its way from one's inner psyche to parts of the brain that control behavior...and then it manifest. The governor's racism came oozing out like the Volcanic eruption at Mount St. Helens. As Governor LaPage's racism came forth in a most heinous manner (with reference to that centuries-long fear of black men and white women). You will note in the video, LaPage says his brain did catch up to his mouth. Well, even the most basic of medical doctors and social scientists will validate the brain and manifest behavior works directly opposite to LaPage's weak rationale for his words.

Give the governor a watch and listen. I have embed two pieces and linked to a piece related to the governor's comments.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow


As stated in  the Maddow piece, the governor blames the media. Why is that such a familiar refrain from members of the GOP?

After considering LaPage's remarks in a comprehensive 360-degree manner, I came to the realization the state must be free of white drug dealers. The next consideration is, how does a state keep white drug dealers from within its county lines while the black drug dealers are copulating with white girls? Or, could it be the Governor has no issues with white drug dealers impregnation white girls. maybe, therein lies the "later issues" he identifies in his racist remarks: mixed race kids? LaPage is so disgusting and pathetic exploration of the rationale behind his remarks only leads to like examples of a wasted mental the paragraph above.

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