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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"Militia "Tarp Guy" Exposed

Armed Oregon protester talks to MSNBCWe realize you saw what follows from MSNBC's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell last night. The segment includes remote coverage of a US terrorist who has joined in occupying a federal building in the Great State of Oregon.  Under the guidance and tutelage of the Cliven Bundy family, dozens of US anarchists and militia (and only the heavens know what else) have invaded a US wildlife refuge.

The man spotlighted in the video has been very visible and on the forefront of the seditious takeover of the facility. It seems he developed a publicity niche that accomplishes two points. First, his antics and highly unusual behavior garnered the attention of he so obviously cherishes. Seconds, his antics highlight the abnormal behavior inherent in many of the anarchist who took over the facility. Another key point of consideration. You will notice the man under the tarp, indicated he is on site to support the two Hammond family members who have reported to prison related to charges and conviction of arson on federal land.  Of particular significance, the Hammonds have reported to prison and prior to reporting  commented about non-support of the wildlife preserve terrorists.

One last point. The anarcho-terrorist in the news segment indicates he is not part of an armed insurrection. We published this piece yesterday with two clear martyrdom seekers, who might (instead) actually live as showboater publicity seekers.

The first segment is eleven minutes in duration, but it is intriguing to put it mildly.

Segment One

Segment Two

The nut case reveals like a turtle to speak about his form of "patriotism" while speaking of the rights of the states.  One has to wonder if the man realizes the Koch brothers are major influencers of state and local politics across eh full breadth of the nation. Oligarchs who would love nothing better than state legislative and official stooges granting their desire to purchase western lands.  

The "tarp guy" spoke of local and state authority and I believe he mentioned federalism at least twice.  As a western state rancher,  it is impossible the "tarp guy" doesn't know of the Kochs and their influence over state and local politics via ALEC sponsored model legislation.


Five Times Local Media Exposed ALEC's Secretive Agenda

As Republicans Address The ALEC Convention, A Look At The Group's Agenda And Ways For The Media To Expose The Truth


ALEC's Model Legislation Is Introduced In Many States And Is Expanding Into Local Government

Brookings Institute: "During the 2011-2012 Legislative Session, 132 Bills Based On ALEC Models Were Introduced In The States." According to an analysis of ALEC model bills and proposed state legislation by the Brookings Institute, 132 ALEC model bills were introduced across the country during 2011-2012 legislative sessions, with Republicans sponsoring "more than 90%" of them:
During the 2011-2012 legislative session, 132 bills based on ALEC models were introduced in the states. Democrats sponsored nearly 10% of those bills, while Republicans sponsored more than 90%. Nearly two-thirds of those bills were introduced in state lower chambers, while only 34% were introduced in upper chambers. Of those legislators who sponsored ALEC model legislation, 57% can be explicitly connected to ALEC. However, that does not necessarily preclude the other legislators from having ALEC ties; ALEC does not disclose the names of their legislative members, so this figure is based primarily on information from leaked documents. [Brookings Institute, 12/6/13]
ALEC Bills Passed State Houses At A Rate "Nearly 5 times That Of The Average Bill In Congress." A report by the Brookings Institute found that ALEC model bills passed state legislatures in 2011-2012 far more often than the average bill introduced in the U.S. Congress did during the same period.
Of the 132 ALEC model bills introduced, 12 were enacted. One additional bill passed the New Hampshire legislature only to be vetoed by the governor. Now, a success rate of 9% may not seem high upon first glance. However, consider the fact that, in the 112th session of the U.S. Congress, less than 2% of introduced bills passed. That means that bills based on ALEC policies have a survival rate nearly 5 times that of the average bill in Congress. [Brookings Institute, 12/6/13]

Anyone who believes in the prospect of modern-day federalism is either a libertarian (all of which are conservatives) or a Koch stooge. Since, it is obvious the 'tarp guy' is well read, I leave the video segments wondering which part of federalism does he hang is hat and spur: Koch stooge or propagandized nut case who serves as fodder for willing and uber wealthy oligarchs?

The "tarp guy" seems to be an intelligent individual who is so consumed with anarcho propaganda his paradigm has actually flipped to that of the insane. There isn't a normal person on Earth (other than a hunter) who would cloak himself in a rocking chair with a shotgun on his lap and drape himself in a tarp.

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