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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sanders Handles Protester, Audience Civilly Responds, No Rough-up And No Conservative "USA, USA, USA"

During a Bernie Sanders campaign event on January 2, a Trump supporter goon secure a center stage close to front row spot and awaited an opportunity to disrupt the cerebral Sanders as he delivered a speech.

On cue, the goon held-up his sign and commenced his protest.  

Progressives. liberals and Sanders handled the disruptive goon well within the confines of decency and counter-actions to a speech protester.  Not only did Sanders handle himself with anticipated class, his audience responded with appropriate and acceptable retort. You will notice, there was no thuggery regarding rough up the protester and there was no conservative (Old folk chant) of "USA, USA, USA."  The event came to a peaceful end with no Third Reich "Seig Heils" and there were no personally eragrad8ign name calling.  

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Shuts Down Ridiculous Trump Supporter Who Heckled Him (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders makes bigoted and transphobic Trump supporter look stupid for fighting against his self-interests Hecklers at political rallies this close to the Iowa primary are just a reality of America's political process. Donald Trump has had his fair share of hecklers and protesters at his rallies that usually end violently while the crowd shouts "USA!…

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