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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Skywriting Wins Best Ad Of The Year (To Date)

Did you notice this during the Rose Bowl Parade early on January, 1? Of course, you didn't the parade is run far too early in the day after a night of celebration, revelry, or a quiet evening at home as the old year passed to the new year.

"America is great. Trump is disgusting. Anybody but Trump."
Above 6 planes wrote. The entire message "America is Great. is disgusting. Anybody but Trump."
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Did anyone notice this in the sky at the this morning? How could you not?! @myfoxla @gdla

I will wager you didn't know the genesis of the sky writing.   No, the creative anti-Trump advertisement was not the work of a seething liberal with far too much money.  It was funded by Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Bernie Sanders is innocent and so is Jeb Bush.

The Raw Story is reporting on the person who funded the most accurate advertisement to date in this nascent campaign season.

Republican millionaire behind ‘Trump is disgusting’ skywriting: ‘I would vote for Secretary Clinton’

Yes, there are some in our nation who recognize the national illness called "Trumpism."

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