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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trump Cloaks Vets

The Trump circus adds a new circus ring: No Debate.

Donald Trumps opts out of tonight's GOP debate. Let's see a few months back Trump admitted that he was not a good debater.  He has yet to say one word during any of the six previous debates regarding leading a nation. In fact, Trump's presence on the debate stage has contributed to the absence of a substantive GOP debate to date.

Trump is opting out of the debate for reasons far beyond his claim of "unfair" treatment from Fox News.   I predict Trump will attend far fewer debates if his poll number do not suffer a hit for tonight's debate wimp-out. 

Herewith is the essence of Trump: the celebrity.

Trump and his Hispanic sycophant (she gets grouped)

We offer another, even more, telling manifestation of Trump: the WWE candidate.

Trumps biggest fan (Note the word "fan")

Trumpism and its fan base aside, there is a sad reality regarding Trumps opting-out of tonight's GOP Debate. He is using our Vets as pawns in his fabricated fight with Fox News.

Mediaite and other social media have published pieces regarding the "vets charade."  Let's start with Mediaite. It should be noted the Trump spokesperson in the CNN segment has a past that most candidates for president would avoid like an Ebola infection.  A quick Google search will yield information about Katrina Pierson, that shed light on a character on the tea party and Trump would attract.


CNN’s Sciutto Confronts Trump Spox: Name One Vets Group That’s Taking Money from You

Donald Trump has touted that his big event tonight opposite the GOP Fox News debate will raise money for veterans. However, as the website Trump set up––––makes clear, the money goes to The Donald J. Trump Foundation. And already one prominent vets group has made it clear they don’t plan to accept any of Trump’s money if offered.

So on CNN this afternoon, Jim Sciutto confronted Trump national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson on exactly which veterans groups “have agreed to accept money raised at this event tonight.” 
He kept pushing and eventually Pierson said, “I believe there might be a list now on the website.” (As of this posting, there is no such list on 
She claimed that there are veterans groups “in queue to sign up for this” and touted the support Trump has received from individual veterans. 
Sciutto also used the opportunity to confront her about her past tweets about how Obama is a “Jihadi” and “a head Negro in charge” of the country. Pierson dismissed both of them out of hand.
Watch above, via CNN.
If the Mediate piece didn't shed enough light on Trump and his nascent vets campaign, take a quick read of a piece from a conservative website: Red State

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