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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Trump Rallys Continue To Reveal Trump BrownShirt Behavior

Do you notice anything about the man in the picture below?  He is not exactly the prototype of the American conservative. He is olive skinned and has what some might consider middle eastern Persian features. 

You know what that means to Donald Trump's hordes of bigots: Muslim. Subsequently, the man is uniquely qualified as a potential victim of Amercian bigotry and racism so willingly nurtured and supported by Donald Trump.

Mediaite ran a piece this morning with the young reporter as the central theme of the piece and the unfortunate latest victim of Trump's Third Reich Brown Shirt mentality supporters. 


CBS Reporter: Trump Supporter Asked Me If I Was Taking Pictures for ISIS

A CBS News reporter covering Donald Trump in Reno today tweeted out that one Trump supporter approached him and asked if he was shooting pictures for ISIS.

Sopan Deb recounted the entire conversation and how this man told him, “Be glad that you’re here.”

Here’s what Deb recounted:

Sopan Deb 
@SopanDebA Trump supporter just asked me at Reno event if I was taking pictures for ISIS. When I looked shocked, he said, "yeah, I'm talking to you."1:13 PM - 10 Jan 2016

Sopan Deb 
@SopanDebThe man then repeated the accusation multiple times. I told him, politely, I was with CBS and that what he said was inappropriate.1:14 PM - 10 Jan 2016

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