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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Trump ReTweets White Supremacist; Black Republican Group Endorses Trump

Earlier today I published a piece that included a short Mediate piece about Donald Trump's affinity for flirting with white supremacists. The Trump portion of the piece is posted below.  It references More Trump tweets.

An amazing aspect of Trumpism is his obvious appeal to white supremacists and his overt affiliation with their public acts.  I have read reports of Trump's father having been arrested for taking part in a criminal act with the Ku Klux Klan as active participants in the infractions. For the sake of clarity, Trump's father was reported to have been a KKK sympathizer (to put it mildly).  I have yet to read any information that suggests Trump's father was active in the KKK. However, but I also note we live in a world where most media talking heads refer to the Manhatten carnival barker as "Mr. Trump" while, in the same sentence, using the name Marco, Christie, Fiorina, Kasich, and Jeb. The power of the wealthy celebrity is both unfathomable and disgusting.

The basis for this piece relates to recent reports of a Balck Republicans organisation throwing their support to trump. I will post something related to the so-called "black republicans" in a bit. Ever notice African-American republicans refuse to refer to themselves as such.  "Black Republicans: is their prefer identifier; telling in and of itself. Oh, they work so tirelessly to differentiate themselves for the vast majority of African-Americans, they actually shame themselves.  Now, we have as a group reports of supporting Trump.

If you need another example of Trumpism and the need for a much more effective media mind, check out the following piece from Mediaite.

Trump's growing appeal to White supremacists.


Donald Trump Is Just Straight Up Retweeting White Supremacists Now

Donald Trump wanted to take a jab at Jeb Bush Friday morning, and decided the best way to do so was to retweet a guy with the username “White Genocide.” (UPDATE –– the Twitter user has since taken down the tweet. We have preserved it below.)

Needless to say, @WhiteGenocideTM’s name isn’t ironic: he’s a literal Neo-Nazi who regularly tweets racial slurs. A link on his profile takes you to “The Greatest Story Never Told,” a movie declaring Adolf Hitler the savior of humanity.

#Mudsharks: Who will kill you first? Is it – A) your nigger husband? Or B) your half-nigger kid?
— Donald Trumpovitz (@WhiteGenocideTM) August 12, 2015

Another of his other “humorous” creations depicts Trump wearing a Nazi uniform forcing Jewish Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders into a gas chamber.

— Donald Trumpovitz (@WhiteGenocideTM) January 13, 2016

Contrary to Rick Wilson, however, we could find no evidence that he has an affinity for anime porn.>>Follow Alex Griswold (@HashtagGriswold) on Twitter

As promised the point of this piece.  What your are about to read rivals the spectacle of the Trump and black pastors show in late 2015.


Donald Trump Gets Endorsed by National Black Republican Association

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