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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Did Bernie Sanders March With MLK?

We are not certain, but the image below is photoshopped.

bernie sanders

Friend of the TPI and developer of the website site Whirling Winds, Benjamin T Moore JR., joins us for a quick set of comments about an image some have purported shows a young Bernie Sanders at a march led by the late Martin Luther King. Jr.

What is this??? Dumbasses Our Us??? Whomever made this meme used a photoshopped picture. How do we know? Actually, there are A LOT of giveaways! 
1.) Focal planeCamera lenses can only focus on one plane. Particularly back then. Think about the technology of THAT day. 
The *supposed* picture of BS - Bernie Sanders - is as sharp if not sharper than the image of Martin. Unless Bernie had his own biographer *back then* documenting HIS exploits, the focus point of the picture would have been Martin.
The person in the "BS" picture is well behind Martin and should be as soft focused as everyone else at that distance from the lens.
2.) Relative positions. 
Note that everybody in the picture is immediately adjacent to someone else. Matter of fact, they're almost on top of one another. Side by side pressed into a throng... EXCEPT for "BS!" No, like Waldo in a "Where Is Waldo" book, there is the face purporting to be Bernie Sanders damn near looking directly at the camera. He's not looking at Martin. He's not with a close friend or associate. No, you've got a full on frontal shot. 
3.)Bernie Originally disavowed the photograph. 
Bernie Sanders has said - his original position - that the person in the picture wasn't him. He may have changed - become convinced - his opinion since. 
However, often one's first pronouncements are correct. 
Here's the deal. IF Bernie were committed enough to the cause to be present marching with Martin, the rest of his activism, since then, should reflect that. 
Bernie makes all this noise during his collegiate period and then goes silent... Until he resurfaces in politics. Is he running on a civil rights platform? Nope! Strictly socialist.

Benjamin's analysis and comment are point-on, but let's take the matter a bit further.

Snopes has also run an analysis of the image, as is always the case, Snopes has drawn upon other information and end their analysis exactly where our associate (and fellow blogger) Benjamin ended his analysis.

While we have no preference for a Democrat candidate in the fall elections; we are about the business of facts. We are also committed to finding the truth wherever it lies (excuse the pun). 

Two final points. Observing Democrat supporters (or GOP operatives) salting on the seedy side of US politics is discomforting to put it mildly. Another point, we are voting Blue regardless of Democrat candidate; in case, some wish to use our piece as fodder against Sanders.

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