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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Did GOP Candidates Push For Delaying Release Of US Prisoners?

What follows is a stark reminder of times past and reminders of how some in conservative America (especially politicians) go about practicing life.

The past reminder relates to what we now know Ronald Reagan's (covert) teams and nascent reports of bargaining to release Iranian Embassy hostages with timing that added a flag to Reagan's persona. Did the Reagan team actually negotiate for a delayed release of US hostages until after Reagan assumed the Whtie House? You nor I know definitively, but Reagans post-release behind the scene Iranian negotiations certainly feeds the suspicion of nefarious behavior: guns for hostages, arms to fund the Nicaraguan Contras. 

"How conservative America (especially politicians) go about practicing life?" If there is a modicum of truth to the story, what we have are public denouncing potential release negotiation accompanied covert requests, possibly bargaining, to delay the release for political expediency. That is nothing shy of shameful, insensitive and manipulative political acts at the expense of those held in captivity and our nation. 

It seems not only do GOP presidential candidates score exponentially lower on Truth-meters than Dem candidates, we also have covert operatives showing talents they will bring to the Whtie House.

Talking Points Memo

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Report: Iranian Official Says GOPers Tried To Stall Prisoner Swap For 2016 Election

Photo via Iranian Human rights dot org

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