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Monday, February 8, 2016

GOP Debate 8... Where Are Policy Issues?

Most apropos
We have long posited regarding Ben Carson's unusual behavior and oratory. Debate 8 proved to highlight our point. Why did it take a virtual  bull drawn wagon to get Carson out of the pre-stage staging area? Some have commented he didn't hear his named called due to crowd noise. Well, consider he should have possessed the wherewithal to understand the introduction process enough to without thought have taken him to his place on the stage before Rubio. Moreover, why didn't he respond when clearly told to head on out via the staging guy behind the curtain? Take a look via the links below.
What happened in that awkward intro at the GP debate?We were all confused. More on the debate's winners and losers:
Posted by Washington Post on Saturday, February 6, 2016
How about a bit on polling regarding the debate?

Politico Polling on Debate 8 winner and losers. Red heading font added to compensate for dark font via Politico embed.  The Politico piece linked here.

Who Won Tonight's Debate 
Among Republicans

Who Lost Tonight's Debate 
Among Republicans

Regardless of Politicos (neat) graphics, it seems the nation was the big loser from Debate Eight.

Of course, if you watched the debate (I didn't) you probably recall this clear evidence of Marco Rubio's scripting gone bad.  If you have any experience with old wax LP albums, you know Rubio's quagmire. After repeated use, the wax (oratory) wears thin and the LP (Rubio) starts to skip.  

Take another look....

It seems Carsons early flub was exponentially surpassed by Rubio's broken record oratory. while Carson could hardly defend his SNAFU, Rubio, as expected and probably as scripted, has come forth with a double and triple down. Would someone please tell Rubio, his remarks may strike a note while vying for the GOP nomination, but he will be forced to enact a major "Etch-A-Sketch" if he wins the nomination. Barack Obama is not running for the Oval Office in 2016.

Talking Points Memo has published a piece with Rubio's fundraising based on the debate comments to entice donors. Another twist to Rubio's double-down regarding his remarks, he has deployed that all too common and tired GOP strategy of deflecting from personal ineptitude and incompetence via pointing at others. In Rubio's case, he strikes out after the media for reporting on his major debate SNAFU.

""We can't afford to let the media get away with this."
"We can't afford to let the media get away with this."
"We can't afford to let the media get away with this."
"We can't afford to let the media get away with this."

Rubio's memorized scripts will not work as he clings to the middle of the road standing among GOP hopefuls.

The Legal Insurrection offers a brief review of debate interactions.

We think it shameful not one GOP debate has generated any viable or discernible comments regarding policy.

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