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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sanders Emotional Wreck Surrogate: Cornel West

Yes,Donna Brazile he has emotional issues

Cornel West?  Bernie Sanders in an effort to appeal to the black community has garnered an impressive set of African-American supporters (endorsers).  Let's see Benjamin Jealous, former head of the NAACP, Cornel West (documented Obama hater) and Spike Lee.  

As I consider personal credibility, I am going to abandon the word "impressive" regarding Sanders so-called celebrity endorsers to an "eye-popping" set of endorsers. No problem with Benjamin Jealous, but there is where Bernie's strategy ceases to be successful. Actually, Spike Lee isn't the object of my personal scorn. Cornel West for Sanders is an issue.

Cornel West won't serve as an effective surrogate asset to Sanders. West is making the rounds of cable news networks while exhibiting exactly why I feel Sanders would have thanked him for his support, but quietly and expeditiously ran 90 degrees in the opposite direction. West is an emotional wreck, who clearly has a severe case of "wanton celebrity-itis."

April 2011 with Ed Schultz, MSNBC's The Ed Show, and Al Sharpton

West attacks Sharpton's support for President Obama

Minute 1:14 mark

A shameful exhibition from a man who actually has  a history as a college professor, lecturer and writer of books. An exhibition of a person who went "N" Word on CNN in 2015.

If you have the time be sure to allow four more minutes viewing a CNN broadcast this week. Anderson Cooper producers and programmers really should stick with sane political surrogates leaving emotional time-bombs of the set.

As a matter of fact...

Bernie Sanders should have one less public surrogate. West reminds of the guy or lady you have told innumerable times to be careful in your store with his or her bags to avoid knocking products off the shelf. He failed to heed the request for respect for your establishment and his persona  and Bam (breakage in Aisle 5).  As is the case towards the end of the interviews, all the aghast open-mouthed offender can say is "I 'm sorry, I didn't; mean to...".  

Control one's emotions and exercising civility is not only an expectation; it is a gift. West has zero control over his emotions and he fails to serve effectively as a surrogate.

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