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Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Marco Rubio, " We are the party of diversity not Democrats"

"We are the party of diversity not the Democratic Party," Sen. Marco Rubio said.

Seriously Marco?
GOP Diversity

" not the Democratic Party," Sen. Marco Rubio said.

When challenged about he and Cruz possibly missing out on Hispanic voter appeal, Rubio went here:  “We have to move past this idea that somehow, the Hispanic community only cares about immigration.”
Rubio was obviously responding with a scripted talking point developed to tickle the shallow innards of a GOP audience.“We are the party of diversity, not the Democratic party.” 

The problem with such a statement; actual data from polling authorities.  Gallup over the past two years has published a few sets of data which completely refute Rubio's bluster.

Party ID in U.S. Within Racial and Ethnic Groups, 2012
Now let's see how Gallup stratified the data.
Party Composition in U.S.: Independents, 2008 vs. 2012
Party Composition in U.S.: Democrats, 2008 vs. 2012
WAPO Polling developed a revealing set of charts which not only refutes Rubio's campaign rhetoric, the charts illustrate dire straits for the GOP.

Now, compare against this chart from the same WAPO piece.

How sad, the man points to two men of Cuban ancestry and one quasi-black man and declares diversity? Women really do not have a place in the GOP. Additionally, David Duke and company are not supporting Sanders nor Clinton. The GOP has an uber wealthy candidate on the GOP stages who seems to be very non-diverse. Trump is garnering increasing levels of support from white supremacist. Rubio's scripted note is an embarrassment to anyone with a modicum of a brain.

Carson is so obviously funded by some special interest in the party for the appearance of an African-American on the campaign trail. Other than Hermann Cain, the GOP and RNC should come up with a much more viable candidate for the Oval Office. Both Cain and Carson have proven African-Americans who matriculate to high-level political campaigns are woefully deficient in both self-perception and personal aura.


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